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  1. Homemade Kevlar/bullet resistant vests

    I have hundreds of yards. It was used to make furniture meet fire code. I did some research and it's used for cut proof gloves, fire protection, and I guess armor or some short. It's like a yellow felt..
  2. Log book?

    Two of these coming, yellow and orange so they don't get lost 🤦‍♀️
  3. Log book?

    How are you guys keeping track of your load data? I was just going to buy a yellow "rite in the rain" book and wing it. Quick Google showed a few reloading logs, what's New England using?!
  4. Ammo Cans Slightly Used

    What did u change too? I'm about to buy more bins like that. Maybe you'll change my mind
  5. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    So prime is 8%? It says extra email specials? Someone post some of them?
  6. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    Well that was belchertown's chief. Who was/still a complete trainwreck.. yes Granby pd pulled him over and took him home. No one covered up anything. Everyone knew. Only cop hates, and people with DUI's cared 🤣
  7. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    The old farmers have given way to liberal f***s. Form the $9k in taxes I pay, to the new school that's a year old that deemed to small already. To the revolving door in the building department. The solar field issues. Granby is f***ed , and the liberals are just loving it
  8. Range gear recommendations please.

    Blackhawk Sportster range bag. Hat 2 pairs of glasses 2 electric muffs, package of orange ones Gray Guns range rod Tools for whatever is going that day Trama kit Lead wipes that I don't use . Targets, m12 stapler ammo Take Point Tactical backpack More ammo, and more ammo Mags, and pistols.
  9. Anyone build a home on a high water table in NE? Calling all Civil /Environmental Engineers...

    After seeing the topo (no heights lol ) best thing is to walk unless you are getting a deal.
  10. Anyone build a home on a high water table in NE? Calling all Civil /Environmental Engineers...

    Just finished one in Western Mass. House sits on a spring. It on the low side added 40k, high side 80k to the project. Hire a real excavator and not a landscaper with a machine. Keep the town out of your business as much as possible
  11. Sturbridge Show 1/4/20-1/5/20

    The shows these days are okay. Your not buying ammo, or a new handgun. Your looking at cool shit, buying something stupid for $20 and getting lunch on the ride home with a couple friends. People trying to relive the glory days of 90's Eastern States will always be disappointed.
  12. What am I missing?

    Some of the people in this hobby like to tinker. Tweak spring rates, polish actions, and reloading. Have a hobby, a reason to sit in the basement and tumble some brass, and clean a gun.. Then there's the "my Glock is perfect from glock and no one should touch it Glock knows best." Those people...
  13. What am I missing?

    You guys are acting like it's black magic to tune a cheap ar. Some people just go to the range and shoot. Others swap buffer's, change ammo, swap barrels are the range.. I run into this problem with my day job. Some people can't change oil, others rip the fuel system out because it acted funny.
  14. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    The town needs their ego stroked. Has to be something simple to end this .
  15. Milwalkee tool kit- good deal or not

    1/4'' new impact does 1/2 ton lug nuts, rachets are great, cut off wheel. Air compressor. The stapler for range time use lol
  16. Milwalkee tool kit- good deal or not

    No need to spent that. Drill/driver kit can be got with more batteries a few times a Year, plus get a case. Same with the others, battery deals all the time. Those are also older versions more than likely. Also most home owner, diy type stuff ( you didn't say your usage) the m12 line is best...
  17. Western MA Defensive Handgun Training

    First call I make when I'm bored and want to take a class.
  18. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    And Ludlow is getting alot of money... Granby is catching up though
  19. Turtleboy Crisis: We Are Under Attack And Will Not Exist Moving Forward Without Help From Turtle Rid

    Turtle is doing a good job. I like the dark shaming, mixed in with actual news.. But I do understand if he wants to reach the next level. They have to back it down. The media has gone unchecked for far too long.
  20. Sig P365

    Anything on the west side of the state ?
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