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  1. local woburn blm activists at it again

    we have 2 activists really, probably a married couple, and probably boomers...on the older side of the boomer spectrum at that. they got home made signs and were in the center of town this time. i've seen them once before in north woburn at the 128/rt. 38 junction several weeks ago. they are...
  2. ebay tsa confiscations

    just an observation, nothing important, this past week i've watched several youtube vids of different guys unboxing packages of knives taken by tsa and sold by the pound on ebay. it's not clear who sells them but that's beside the point. what i wanted to mention was the huge amount of nra marked...
  3. for you .40 guys...defensive ammo

    i have 25 rounds of cor-bon 135 gr. hp .40 s&w and 2 boxes of winchester black talon, 40 rounds total of 180 gr. hp .40 s&w i'm willing to part with. asking $285...firm for now. and willing to meet you half way from a reasonable distance close to me. photo is of actual ammo. be the envy of your...
  4. robert gore won't be down for breakfast

    in our continuing series of "who the f*** is that", the inventor of gore-tex has died.
  5. africans love them skateboards

    i've noticed lately, whenever you see a blm agitator in front of the pack, nose to nose with police or screaming and just being a thug, he's holding a skateboard. i didn't think anything about it but now i think they've weaponized the skateboard. what's better than swinging a skateboard around...
  6. air soft question

    actually 2 questions. when you play air soft war games, what ammo is being used? the reason i ask is i'm watching air soft games on you tube. this one guy has a camera on a sniper rifle and he's hitting his target, obviously man sized, at what looks like up to 50-60 yards. it looks like they're...
  7. lou brock won't be stealing any more

    lou brock has died at 81. rip lou.
  8. 223 vs. 5.56...interesting video

    this guy recently put out this comparison vid regarding the 223 and 5.56 cartridges. we've had a bit of chatter on these recently and i thought i'd put this up. i learned some info here watching this that i found interesting and not even close to what i thought the differences were. it's not...
  9. revisiting nh non res ltc...again

    often discussed, but answer again please. my nh non res ltc expires in november. is there any valid reason i should renew? i'm aware i can carry without one now so any benefits before i set that $100 wheel in motion?
  10. looking for a decent first aid kit for the truck

    i found one old thread by rockriver1 from 2014 on the subject but he was looking for one to include in a backpack. i just want to stow it in a vehicle. i can, and have google searched the kits but i get bombarded with many variations, prices and contents. not looking to build a kit but just want...
  11. the bastards made the new electric mustang

    look like a tesla. [crying] [angry2]
  12. need brakes on my super duty with 6.2 engine

    my days of muscle cars are behind me but it still doesn't mean i can't buy my trucks with a big 8 in it. f*** going green (the environment, not nes). i drive it like i stole it as they say and usually brake hard as a result. time for brakes, they be squeakin' and squealin' so i want to put...
  13. anniversary of guadalcanal landing, august 7, 1942

    i wanted to repost this from last year, just because and no other reason, and of course the karma is long over. i was always proud of my dad's marine past, proud he enlisted long before wwII and of his participation in the first offensive campaign of the war. as a result i'm interested in the...
  14. presidential unit citation question

    when my dad was alive, i sent to washington asking for replacement medals of the ones he earned in wwII to put in a shadow box display for him when he was alive. i had to send in copies of his discharge and another document pertaining to his discharge, i forget the doc. #, but it had the...
  15. fireworks in los angeles on july 4th

    this was pretty good, maybe you didn't see it when it was aired. all those california liberal raisins going crazy. [laugh] View: View: View:
  16. WTS skechers steel toe sneakers

    new in box skechers #76760EW/CHAR steel toe sneakers, size 13 wide. all hang tags intact. skechers calls this charcoal color. asking $50. we will meet in four seasons parking lot.
  17. chocolate yogurt - disgusting!

    i don't know why i'm posting this but hey, a public service. just had an apres breakfast snack of the mentioned chocolate yogurt. absolutely horrible. open it, looks like whipped milk chocolate pudding. your brain is trained to think a sweet taste. you do get that sweet chocolate flavor when it...
  18. digital camo 1911 grips

    these are full size 1911 grips. i have 2, new in blister pack, sets. one is in digital desert camo and the other digital camo. i sold these at the local gun shows for $50/set and these are my last 2 sets and i'm getting tired of moving them around. i'll sell these for $35 ea. and if you want...
  19. Rhode Island considers name change

    not surprised...are you?
  20. calling all cossack experts

    i'm watching fiddler on the roof and seeing a lot of cossacks. i have a photo of a cossack below....with some type of cossack apparatus on his chest circled. what is that on his chest? looks like a handy place to hold cigars but that can't be it. anyone know? i'm convinced it's not any type of ammo.
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