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  1. MA: Identifying Pre-Ban Glock Mags

    No, I don't.
  2. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    This! I'm using 180 grs lead TC in my .357 Marlin 1894 Cowboy Ltd. with no cycling problems at all. Bullets have been casted by a friend who has passed since, using this Saeco mold
  3. we set a new NICS check record

    The March number for Kentucky seems odd.
  4. Gun Grabbing Senators Worry Over Delay In NICS Reporting

    What's wrong? They couldn't let a perfect crisis go to waste.....
  5. Cheap Gas Prices In New England Thread

    99 Cents/Gal in East Boston when I visited NE for the first time in 1989.
  6. New York (or Feds?) Stole 3 Million Masks Destined for Mass!!!

    OTOH, there are reports from France and your Northern neighbors accusing U.S. agencies buying shipments destined to these countries off the Tarmac for cash at higher prices than contracted with the original destination. Not sure if true. IF true, that's an a$$hole move at best.
  7. Northeast Shooters 15th Anniversary

    Happy Birthday NES and here's to the next 15. I just realized that I'm a member since the first year.
  8. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Are the pricey broomhandles they had on the back wall still there?
  9. S&W 2d model hand eject.

    My 2nd Model HE in .455 came with this huge holster, probably an entire cowhide[rofl]
  10. Thank You Derek

    14 now
  11. German Survival Rates on die Ostfront

    An old friend who passed away 20 years ago was on the eastern front from 1942-45 and survived. Certainly not a REMF, but wounded in action twice.
  12. Nazi Guard Testifies

    'Wrong. If you were working in the camps you were SS Totenkopf Division.' While camp guards were certainly SS, they didn't have much to do with the Totenkopf Division. The Totenkopf Division (SS Panzergrenadierdivision 'Totenkopf', later 3. SS Panzerdivision 'Totenkopf') was named after the...
  13. 1937 BSW K98 today joined the fold - Made my day

    So Dave E. is selling his collection?
  14. Hermann Historica 79th Auction 5/20/2019

    Two Borchardt C-93's sold: € 15.5k and € 32k. Damn, why didn't I make the MegaMillions October jackpot ?? The former owner's expectation was a tad higher. We just talked about them last Tuesday. He's still got a bunch of excellent Lugers which will go to auction soon. Wish I could afford these...
  15. Hermann Historica 79th Auction 5/20/2019

    Sold for €12k and €12.5k. This plus the auctioneers premium make for a whopping $33k for the pair.
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