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  1. I need some lube

    Yes, get the lulz in. I wrote lube. Har-dee-har-har. Specifically, I'm looking for Briley Unilube. Because the stuff's worth $3.95, I'd prefer to buy some in-person rather than buy some online and pay for shipping. Anyone know of a shop that carries Briley Unilube in RI or Mass?
  2. Trump Admin Authorizes Commercial Export of Suppressors

  3. Bradford Sportsmen's Club: Charlestown, RI

    I'm a newly-minted member of Bradford Sportsmen's Club in Charlestown, RI. Bradford has USPSA pistol, multigun, skeet, trap, 5-stand, and rimfire. Five pistol pits, 300-yard rifle range, two skeet fields, one trap field, and one 5-stand field. Membership costs $100 + 250 = 350. Sponsor is...
  4. Brownell's Website Down

    Brownell's website is down. Their tech team is working to restore operations ASAP. No ETA.
  5. PSA: FAL and AK Files Hacked

    FALFiles and AKFiles have been hacked. There's a temporary forum operating and ETA for being back to normal is around a week.
  6. 3500 rental car fire in FL this past April

    Found this nugget from April:
  7. Can a stripped receiver be considered a C&R firearm?

    I recently purchased a stripped Winchester Model 1897 receiver. The seller stated that he would not ship to a 03. Didn't matter to me because I let mine lapse. Now, I'm seeing other sellers for other stripped receivers also refusing to ship stripped receivers to 03s. One states that stripped...
  8. Mr. Stockwell's "The Best of YouTube"

    @joseph mentioned that he watched a lot of YouTube because he's sick of the shit on TV; I sympathize. So, gents, let's make a thread containing the best videos on YouTube for his enjoyment. Gun related or not. My first addition: Internet Historian FTW.
  9. American Suppressor Association - worth joining?

    Anyone a member of the ASA? About ASA - American Suppressor Association Memberships - American Suppressor Association
  10. Hangtown Fry?

    I love omelettes. I love omelettes with bacon and cheese. I love fresh and fried oysters. So, anyone have any suggestions for DIY Hangtown Fry? I'm thinking of making this as a celebration breakfast, like, say, on the Fourth of July, with champagne.
  11. Kahles 2-gun 8/14-16/20

    Kahles, the optics company, hosts a 2-gun series at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, WV, on 8/14 to 8/16. I asked and competitors shoot one day of the three. I would like to shoot on 8/16, which would allow plenty of travel time to and from West Virginia from New England...
  12. Educate me on Martini-Henrys and Martini-Enfields

    Earlier this week, I was up in the north country and found either a Martini-Henry or Martini-Enfield carbine. It handled pretty nice and I liked it. Price was around $1200, so a lot more than what I wanted to spend on a whim without having done any research. Got a few specific questions. How is...
  13. Vera Lynn won't be able to "Bless 'em all!"

    Dame Vera Lynn obituary
  14. Spammers PM'ing WTB ads

    A spammer PM'ed me in response to one of my WTB ads, be on the lookout folks.
  15. Protecting Barrel from Obstructions in Woods

    Doing some reading about putting electric tape over the muzzle of a hunting gun to keep snow, rain, and other debris out of the barrel. If someone had a gun with a compensator or some other muzzle device, except a suppressor that could be taped, a condom should fit over the muzzle device, right...
  16. Fireforce Ventures Moving to TX + New Products

    Was going to put this in the "deals" thread but these are new products: Welcome to Fireforce Ventures
  17. Omega AR-12?

    I was in my local FFL today and he has an Omega AR-12 that he can't get to work. Gun has issues with the gas system and piston ring. He knows I like projects, so he's offering me the gun for $100. Here's what I want to know: (1) Is there anyone who works on these? Importer was LKCI, LLC out of...
  18. WTB Rock Island Armory VR80

    WTB: RIA VR80. I'm a Rhode Island resident. Willing to meet Mass or CT sellers at a RI FFL (see exemptions listed under RIGL 11-47-9 for bringing a gun into RI) for a face-to-face sale at the FFL and I shall pay the transfer fee. Cash transaction. Prefer to not have to deal with shipping. Please...
  19. Boston Athenæum Members?

    Are there any members of the Boston Athenæum here? How good is the library for interlibrary loan? Does the library offer mail delivery to members, especially now considering the building is closed? What I really want is a library where I can request and receive gun reference books without much...
  20. "Field of Dreams" in Chatham, NH

    How long is the "Field of Dreams" in Chatham, NH, and its managed by the Scarborough Fish and Game Association of Maine, correct? Range rules?
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