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  1. Hermann Historica 79th Auction 5/20/2019

    Hermann Historica A fellow collector has 200 pieces from his oustanding collection in this auction. 500 more to follow in the online auction thereafter. Another ~ 2,000 pieces to follow in the next several auctions. I have seen parts of this collection in person and wish I had $ 5M+ to spare...
  2. Idiots melting down Wehrmacht arms to make entrance steps

    I take it that the former SU/Russia have a very special POV on Wehrmacht arms. But that is over the top View:
  3. Rain on a cold Saturday

    40caliber arrived at my house yesterday. After a nice dinner and spending an hour or so in the downstairs bunker yesterday, we packed up 8 Mausers and a shotgun and headed to the range this morning. Luckily we had covered shooting positions and walls on 3 sides so the rain and nasty wind only...
  4. WTB 3 tickets for Pats vs Dolphins on 9/30

    WTB 3 tickets for the Pats vs Fish game at Gillette on 9/30. All 3 seats should be next to each other. Please PM me with reasonable offers.
  5. CZ38 a.k.a. P.39 (t)

    A rather rare bird: CZ38 or P.39 (t) in German nomenclature. One of 1,713 given to Finland by Germany in 1940 has found her way to my house.
  6. Guns and Military Gear stolen

    from a U.S. base in Stuttgart
  7. Questions re Colt SAA - picture heavy

    In order to help a friend putting this baby to the market (in Germany) I need to tap the knowledge of this fine community. As I have no clue of SAA's (yet), I'd like to know of which generation and approx. year of manufacture this gun is. The serial is SA20997 if that's of any help. Thank you!
  8. Spanish FR-8

    The conclusion of the Spanish Mauser dept. in my collection has come home this week and met an as-new bayo w/ sheath which was purchased some weeks ago in anticipation of the FR-8. La Coruna 1956 with a non-matching bolt, therefore it didn't break the bank.
  9. P.38 SVW 45

    This little gem found her way to some of her sisters residing in my basement this week. Slide, barrel and frame are matching, the barrel locking block is not though just a few numbers off. She is from approx. the middle of the run made for the French in 1945 and 1946, which went from approx...
  10. Scope Mount 'Griffin & Howe', worth anything?

    Saw this mount on a .30 M1 Carbine I'm eyeing. Is this worth anything? Thanks for any helpful hints! This is the gun in question with the mount and a (wortless) 4x32 scope. The front sight 'ears' are missing and there is a sling mount where the sling goes throught the cut-out, which are both...
  11. Happy Birthday, flotter390!

    Happy Birthday, Fred and party hard!
  12. New style Luger holster

  13. New style Luger holster
  14. Going rate for a Standard Products .30 M1 Carbine?

    I've been offered an unmolested (not castrated after the old law) and described to be in 'best condition' .30 M1 Carbine. Haven't seen pics of it yet but should have some soon. Serial 2,235,xxx and the fragments of the manufacturer's name indicate a Standard Products, a pretty rare bird...
  15. Awesome Gatling Gun

  16. Gun license - politically incorrect

    Found this gem for sale at a German auction site
  17. Congratulations, Ed and Kaisha!

    I'm raising my glass to the newly wed Mr. & Mrs. Morse [party][party]
  18. Must win the lottery!

    These fine irons are coming up for auction in Germany. So many gems, so little money..... Scroll down for a catalog
  19. Letter to the editor: We need national handgun registration This guy is asking for some input.
  20. Catches of the day

    After a 100 miles drive I came home with these: Mauser P.08 S/42 1936, matching except mag, West German re-proof Mauser C-96 of 1918, matching except grip panels (I should find a contemporary pair in the basement) and brokered this puppy to a friend and fellow collector: M1D, SA 3,3M...
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