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  1. Prep of The Day Thread

    How long are hamburg and boneless chicken breast good in the freezer? Sausage? Kielbasa? Tater tots?
  2. Preppers, what did you forget?

    I STILL cannot find isopropyl alchohol! Remember, it used to be about $1-2 for a square bottle at Walmart or CVS? I do not want hand sanitizer, I want isopropyl alchohol. I use it for many different things, including removing stickers, cleaning wounds, drying poison ivy, as an astringent, etc...
  3. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    I turn mine on and off every day for the hot water. I'm surprise the switch isn't worn out yet. Turn it on in the morning to warm up and wash the coffee pot if it didn't make it into the dishwasher the night before, and then use it for the shower. Shut it off when leaving the house for...
  4. 40 S&W vs 10 mm ballistics in carbine. input please .50 AE, .440 Cor-Bon and .44 Magnum
  5. Mag-Lite LED upgrade question?

    I have a 2C Maglite. I got the LED replacement, and it has been great. Still eats batteries, but not as bad. Reaches out a good distance also, and has nice adjustments for near or far. That said, I have an older Jetbeam BC20 which kicks the 2C Maglite's butt, but takes expensive 123 batteries...
  6. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Still not seeing anyone beating the PM9 for size and weight. also barrel length and high quality. Would love to be able to test a PM9 and 365 side by side.
  7. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    8 years? I thought it was only two or three years old, tops. I'm trying to figure out a plan, but not sure what it is yet. Do they make a carbine (like the Ruger or the KelTec) that takes Sig 9mm magazines that can be shared with the 938 or 365 like they do with Glock magazines? One in Glock's...
  8. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Wait, what are these Beretta's? APX Carry and Pico? Just saw that on one of those comparison pages. Oh, and the Kahr S9 gets trounced by the PM9. Pretty much everything gets beat by the PM9.
  9. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Ha, I AM the "OP". I was only using the 938 as a point of reference because it seemed pretty compact and solid, and a lot of people liked it when it first came out. Ha ha ha. LOL'ing at all the letters and numbers. Reminds me of this: 280ZX 2+2 Turbo...
  10. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    OK, no. The point is to be as compact as possible. Think of the 1.25" snubbies, and go from there.
  11. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    I think I'm still leaning towards the PM9 or maybe will need to compare it with the Sig 365. Will have to go to Cabela's or Kittery to check them out side by side. Maybe they'll have the Glock 43 (or was it 41?). Oh, what is the 43X/41X?
  12. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    That's right. I forgot the Hellcat in addition to the Mossberg. In fact, I know nothing about it. Why do people hate them? How do they stack up in dimensions and weight? Then, there is always the revolver option. I am guessing the S&W's are the main leader. I know Charter isn't bad. Isn't...
  13. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Not married to a hammer over striker. I forgot all about that, as all my handguns so far have hammers. Told you I've been out of the market for a while. Totally forgot about the Mossberg. Again, how does that one stack up in size/weight versus the Kahr PM9K and now the Sig 365 and Glock G41X...
  14. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Cool, thanks. How is the Kahr S9 different than the PM9? How do the 3 of these compare to the Sig 365? Weight/width/length/height/capacity?
  15. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    What is the "SAS" version, and how is it different?
  16. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    The opposite of what I'm going for here. I want least beefy (size and weight), and maximum conceal. I know you want a little bigger in .45 for the recoil, but this is not a range gun.
  17. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Correct. This would be in addition to a larger/full size. This post is about a compact carry gun. Or, it could be for "flinting" and for expedience and practicality in .40 when no other ammo available. OK, but how do these compare in size AND WEIGHT to the Kahr PM9? To the P3AT? This would...
  18. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    Are these both smaller than the Kahr PMK9? That is my reference point. ?? Do they make this in a .45? .40? Which is newer, the Sig 365 or 320, and what are the differences? What about this XD? Wait, is the 43X full size or compact? Again, the PM9 is the point of reference. P3AT in 9mm would...
  19. RBG Replacement Supreme Court Appointment megathread

    How about trials? Isn't it about time Hillary gets her trial? How about Supreme Court DECISIONS?
  20. RBG Replacement Supreme Court Appointment megathread

    This tweet is cranking! I watched it go from 12.x thousand to 13.x thousand within seconds. View:
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