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  1. You guys getting ready for some more snow?

    Akshully... No really, I lucked out and got an 18 pack of Cottonelle today. I was even nice and left the LAST one there for the next guy.
  2. You guys getting ready for some more snow?

    I don't understand it - I replaced the carb in my snowblower a couple of weeks ago, AND I still have my snow tires on the truck! This should NOT BE HAPPENING!
  3. You guys getting ready for some more snow?

    Central Vermont - so far, 2-3 inches possible Friday night into Saturday. HOWEVER... I'm up at 1300'. Entirely possible we'll get double that or more. And I have the snow tires off the cars. Fortunately... the snow blower has a new carb on it and the truck still has the snow tires on it.
  4. Finally got a chance to go shooting today!

    Glad you got out to go shoot, Kim. I'm lucky that my local range is on the other side of the driveway and open whenever the weather is good. :)
  5. Snake oil thread...things sold to ignorant idiots who seriously think they will work...

    Or mare's legs? I remember the Rossi Ranch Hand that atilla tried shooting pins with... my Shootin' Buddy beat him using a Ruger LC9 (the original one with the shitty trigger!) and one magazine.
  6. Snake oil thread...things sold to ignorant idiots who seriously think they will work...

    DON'T you be dissing JayG... wait, why can't I tag Jay? If you know where to find one, I know at LEAST three people who'll take it off your hands so fast that you'll hear a sonic boom.
  7. Davidsons Puts The "Gun Genie" Back In The Bottle

    They do, however, have some nice custom runs of exclusives. Wish they'd do another run of the LCP II in Muddy Girl; those sell very well. No, Davidson's IS higher than other distributors. Which is why I look at them last.
  8. My Chicken Coop build

    Also not great for the chickens, as it puts more of a stress on them to force them to keep laying during the winter months.
  9. My Chicken Coop build

    The heat lamp is REALLY not a good idea. Feathers are combustible, and the birds WILL try to get up there and perch on anything within reach. And they won't need it, even in the dead of winter. They'll just huddle together for heat.
  10. Gun Club closure megathread

    Since Starksboro HAS no police department, I'd be curious who it could be. Certainly the VSP isn't going to bother me on it. Thank the Supreme Architect (and Spend it all Deval for inspiring Alix and I to leave!) that I do NOT. Which was my point. Been done up here already. Also being...
  11. Gun Club closure megathread

    Jeez... I've been missing MA gun clubs since I moved up here (nearest club is 45 minutes away, and there are no action pistol pits there). Now I'm glad I can shoot on my property. Can't shut THAT down.
  12. My Chicken Coop build

    Cover the foam. Ours eat it, too. What he said. It gets below zero up here in the Green Mountains on a regular basis - the birds just huddle together. Problem is that it they get used to the warmth and then go out into sub-zero temps, it will definitely affect their health badly. Or so says my...
  13. To buy American, but at what cost?

    Rick, have you looked at Oneida? I think they are still made in their factory in upstate NY. Oneida: Finest Quality Since 1880
  14. I can't take this anymore! I have to write a story......

    Good read, Kim. Thanks. My sister-in-law teaches dressage to the folks in Northern Massachusetts (what some people call southern NH!). Fortunately, I got the redneck sister. :)
  15. Military Sidearm Winter Shoot

    I better get out there today, myself.
  16. Sleep Apnea?

    Welcome to the Society of Bedroom Snorkelers. Seriously, you'll be thankful for it when you're not a zombie in the morning.
  17. woman injured by thong

    Seriously? WHY would you do that? What, you got COVID-19 and this is your last gasp for fame and for... well, fame?
  18. Tom Brady announces he's leaving the NE Patriots

    Well, I guess I can cancel the cable subscription now. Only reason I got it was for Pats games. My wife will be happy now...
  19. woman injured by thong

    Nah, Coyote33 has beaten that hands down. Repeatedly. You replied to a 12 year old comment of mine. [thinking]
  20. Military Sidearm Winter Shoot

    Thanks, I'll check him out. And I wouldn't worry about linking to another forum. IIRC, I have a login over there, too. I do love my 1911s; just got another one last week. Wow... I haven't logged in there since November, 2006... and my password is still good.
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