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  1. Left hand only

    So I hopped into my 2018 Chevy Colorado this morning and couldn't turn the key to start it. Also could not remove it to try my spare key. I have AAA so the tech came out, hopped in and fired it up. Went to the mill in Littleton. At noon I had the same issue. One of my tenants came by and I...
  2. My little skunks

    Because I let my yard grow wild, I have all the neighborhood critters living here. They have good cover and I feed them seed, food scraps, etc. I will sit in the sun room with Megan in the late afternoon and put mixed seed on a flat rock just outside the door, which I leave open. The chipmunks...
  3. Just got first 2020 call

    NH bow season is off to a good start. NH sons took a buck and a doe from their tree stands this AM. Little Jack is in school, so he will be doing the "evening" shifts. Jack.
  4. Acton Ma xfer station sticker

    So new stickers needed Sept. They want you to buy them online and upload your vehicle registration. Payment probably by CC. I went there today and told them that I was too old for this shit. They looked at my registration, took the $10 cash (senior) and gave me a sticker. All you have to do is...
  5. Happy days are here again.

    Son Mark will be down from Alaska Sunday. Will split time between me and his two NH brothers and families till mid Nov. (hunting). My Alaska grand daughter will be coming up from Fort Bragg next week while her 'trooper hubby will be deployed to somewhere. Have not seen her for many years. Big...
  6. My thrill for the year

    Just watched the entire 2020 HS graduation live held at the Monadnock RHS. (NH.) Great day, they had it outside with everyone on chairs. Limited seating, so I gave up my spot to another family member. My GD Sadie (Ahem, class president) gave a speech. I'll admit that I have a few drops on the...
  7. Wanted to buy MC part

    Little Jack is restoring a Honda 1964 CB77 Super hawk 305. Needs a kick starter arm. Pls PM me. Thanks, Jack.
  8. The Mill is full

    Update. I lose count, but we may have close to 60 or so 07's (some applied and waiting) at the mill in Littleton. Running out of space. Good times. Jack.
  9. Worried about MeganMy

    My Megan is a 29 yo Goffin Cockatoo Parrot. Last few days she was not her usual self, not active, not eating much and sleeping a lot. I was ready to take her to the vet, but instead fed her the favorites, raw corn on the cob, cornflakes with sugar and milk, cream of wheat with milk and sugar and...
  10. Another Emerson hospital minirantHad

    Had the Cov19 test done at Emerson on July 5 in preparation for a procedure. You would think that by now some lazy prick or prickess could have called me with the results. No way. Jack.
  11. Good to see the kids working.

    Both my 16 yo GD Sadie and 15yo GS Little Jack in NH have full time jobs for the summer. Sadie alternates between gardening and guiding folks up Monadnock Mtn. Either little kids or obese women. They usually get halfway up, but the tips are good. Jack alternates between landscaping and small...
  12. Failure to communicate

    So after being a patient at Acton Medical and seeing doctors at Emerson hospital for years, I've reached the conclusion that there is a three foot thick lead wall between the two as far as communication goes. Finally, after three months I got scheduled for a cortisone shot to the back for the...
  13. Loosing count

    With all the FFL tenants either already licensed or soon to be at the Mill in Littleton, we must be up to around 60 or so. Guess that I made my goal of 10 a few years ago. FFLives matter. Jack.
  14. Maine any deer permit.

    You can apply for them now. Jack.
  15. Tannerite for cannons?

    Son Lance in NH tells me that he was at a pal's house when he wheeled out a big cannon, charged it with tannerite and a cast concrete projectile. Says that the muzzle blast was quite something. I thought that you had to shoot at tannerite and the impact set if off? Never heard of using concrete...
  16. Famous sayings

    Sayings from the past. Eli Whitney: "Keep your cotton picking hands off my gin". Horace Greely: "Go west young man. I'll stay here where the girls are". George Washington to the troops before they crossed the Delaware. "Get in the boat". Any more? Jack.
  17. Pulled bear

    That's what we had for fathers day dinner. Pulled bear, not pulled pork. Son Lance made it from the bear that he took in Alaska recently. To go with it, son Scott made his super baked beans with salt pork, onions and apples. The wives made potato salad and cole slaw. Cake for desert. I am...
  18. Ruger .357 long lost or stolen?

    Very old story, but I have nothing else to do and you may or may not find it interesting. Feb 1985: I brought in from a dist. and transferred to a "Friend" a Ruger Security 6 blue .357 revolver S/N 161-531XX...
  19. CCW plus OC

    I CCW whenever I leave the house. My back is so bad from the arthritis now that I sometimes use a walking stick so as not to fall on my ass. At the end of the stick I have a pound of lead buried in it. If I need to, I can swing it into a guy's nuts and drive them up into his brains. Jack.
  20. Quiet Sunday morning

    At 8:00 I told Megan that both NH families are coming, which they are. She will sit on her cage and watch the driveway till they arrive at around noon. Can't do that too often as she will wise up to it. Jack.
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