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  1. P80 gen 1 glocks re-released

  2. Funniest review on amazon i think i have ever seen

    30,000 ft review was pure gold The car one was really funny too. Slow build up but trust me i was dying laughing.
  3. 16-18" AR10, would you go 308 or 6.5 creedmoor?

    Having a tough time trying to decide between a 16 or 18" barrel for a large frame upper. i am going for a DMR rifle. from what i have read the 6.5 creed does best out of 20"+ barrels. i know that 16" and 18" 308 barrels are common for a DMR. i just am trying to figure out, if it were you and you...
  4. Need a super sturdy AR10 mlok rail. Suggestions?

    Looking for a super strong handguard 15" for a mega maten build. So far what i have seen is the SLR
  5. Review of the lyman trim xpress case trimmer

    So i am a newish reloader for the forums and after using this product tonight i was really happy. I decided to do a review for everyone here, and i usually do not post reviews. i am used to doing small batch case trimming with the Lee Case Length Gauge & Cutter and Lock Stud. That is a time...
  6. Muddy girl .22lr rifle

    Looking for a ruger american .22lr with the muddy girl camo. PM is you have it
  7. Possible new glock carbine

    German NORLITE Carbine Conversion Kits for Glock Pistols - The Norlite USK-G conversion kits are compatible with the following models of Gen 3, Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock pistols: G17, G19, G45, G34, G22, G23, G24, G35, G31 and G32. These kits are available in the following configurations...
  8. Shit gun owners don't say

  9. Massachusetts National Guard being called up.

    So my friend who is my gunsmith, NRA instructor and good friend just called me and told me his buddy is being called up for a 2 week shelter in place order. You can take this with a grain of salt if you want but i trust him. He is my bug out location as well. Grab what you need for 2 weeks...
  10. what a crazy realistic diorama

  11. Ruger PC charger pistol

    This looks like a fun little pistol for those in a free state
  12. Mk 12 mod 1 or a Recce build?

    Debating either building a Mk12 mod 1, 18 inch barreled upper or a 16" Recce build. I mean for super long distances i have my mauser and scar 17. And i already have a windham regular uppper. I am kinda enamoured with the Mk12 mod 1 but i am sure it is heavy as heck to use. I know it is old...
  13. Perun x16 new possible 5.56 coming that could be useful in MA

  14. This guy is a boss, only using 10 round mags

    i think this just made me want to make a pistol build with a pinned mag now
  15. I love that this gun shop made this road sign.

    Cherokee Gun shop billboard in North Carolina mocks "the Squad," calling four congresswomen "4 horsemen" and "idiots," referring to AOC, Ilhan Omar and other members of congress - CBS News
  16. Is 308 the new .40?

    With competitive shooters moving from 308 to 6.5 creedmore, and 223/556 being the go to cost effective caliber for rifles. Where does 308 stand now? Thinking about marksman,DMR rifles, is the 308 fading. 6.5 is readily becoming a semi auto go to DMR cartridge that can reach 1000 yards with less...
  17. Firepen for civilians?

    Wondering if anyone has or has tried out the Fire Pen ? and if there is some special edict saying regular people cannot own one?
  18. Ok which NESr is open carrying on the highway...

    Loved seeing this on the highway
  19. 8mm Mauser supplies

    i was looking to find some .323 bullets and some supplies for the vintage Lee Classic Loader i picked up in 8x57 mauser. anyone know a good shop in MA that has reloading supplies?. i picked some some primers, some powder, (can always use more varget and IMR 4064 ) but i mainly need now just some...
  20. Sig P320 80% chassis insert .

    not a bad idea ,
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