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  1. Taxidermists in S.E New Hampshire

    looking for a taxidermist to do an antler/skull plate for me,but also looking for one in case I get lucky, I am over due. Thanks
  2. FID

    Is it mandatory to take a firearms course in MA. to get a FID? Asking for a friend, as I live in N.H. He lives in Lowell
  3. Entering Maine

    Has anyone heard anything about crossing into Maine, and then not being able to leave? Wife just called and said her mother just told her about this with out much details.

    I was on Flebay and came across some VX3i 1.5- 5 x20 scopes for under $100.00, come from China, they have the gold ring with what looks like the Leupold name on it. When I went to look up that scope it is going for about $ 500.00, so I sent an email asking Leupold about it, to find out if they...
  5. N.H. Outdoor Expo

    Is anyone going to the expo, it runs Fri.,Sat. and Sunday? This will be my first time going, and was wondering how it is. Looking at the vendors, it looks like it will be pretty good. Bill
  6. 30-30 Rebore

    I am thinking of getting my Glenfield model 30 ( low budget Marlin 336 ) rebored to .375 Winchester. I know that JES does great work, but was wondering if any one is familiar with anyone who does this on the east coast. Thanks, Bill
  7. Cannon Gun safes

    I went to open my gun safe, and when I turned the handle after putting in the combo, I heard what sounded like a small pin drop. So now the handle will turn, but the handle isn't engaging to unlock the door. Any one else have this happen, and will a locksmith be able to fix this?
  8. Any HVAC people out here

    I an looking to replace an Empire direct vent heater in my cellar, with the same unit that is in there now. I have seen the unit for about 750-900 dollars. a person that came to look at it,just gave me a price of 1800 dollars. The vent pipe and all the propane fittings are all there. It should...
  9. leupold binoculars

    I am looking to get a new pair of binoculars. I am considering the Leupold BX2 Alpine or the BX4 Pro. My questions is, does anyone know what the main differences are between the two ($249. compared to $ 500+), and are the BX4s worth it. Thanks, Bill
  10. Black powder rifle into Ma.

    Does anyone know if it is illegal to bring a blackpowder rifle into to mass. to go hunting after work back in N.H.? I believe the rifle wood not be much of a problem, but I am guessing that the black powder itself might be. Thanks Bill
  11. Electric brakes on trailers

    Do electric brakes still work when plugged into your truck on trailers/ campers even with a dead battery. I'm thinking they should but my camper brakes don't work and didn't find any blown fuses. Bill
  12. AMP energy drink

    Has anyone had someone from AMP customer service send an email about making $ 400. per week to let them put advertisement on your car? I have a 2007 Carolla so I am not worried about any type of scratches or anything in the way of damages, just seems like a "too good to be true" thing. Bill
  13. Free Whirlpool dishwasher

    I am getting a new dishwasher and need to remove the old is a Whirlpool probably about 5years old, runs fine, the bracket that adjusts the top rack is Brocken and does work but sometimes it doesn't stay up (probably easy to replace)and the thin piece of plastic that goes over the start...
  14. best place to buy a dishwasher

    I am looking to buy a new dishwasher, and was wondering where others have bought their (Lowes, home depot or an appliance store like Barons)I live in N.H. , and it seems like barons is about $100 more for about a $750- $850 machine. Bill
  15. Golf carts

    Any familiar with used golf carts? My wife wants a decent gas golf cart for her birthday. I'm looking to spend about $2500, but not sure what I will get for my money. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  16. TPMS

    Any one familiar with replacing one? I have a very slow leak in one tire and believe it is the TPMS sensor. Also when I inflate the tire back up, the monitoring system on my 2014 GMC Sierra will continue to read the low pressure and not recalculate for the new inflated tire pressure. I have...
  17. .375 winchester

    So my local guy to buy .375 Winchester just jump up $10 on a 20 pack. They were $50, and I went in today and it went up to $60. He had some when I bought some the last time and I doubt he is selling much of it, but says they went up on him and $60. is what it is now. Bill
  18. If you loose your fishing license

    If you lose you fishing license in Mass. do you also lose it in many other states like you do with a hunting license, and would it effect your hunting license? Bill
  19. uberti

    I was just wondering how many other brands partnered with the Uberti manufacturing co ? I have a circa 1980 Iver Johnson Cattleman.44mag. with a 7 3/8 "barrel.It says Fitchburg Ma. (for I/J )and Va Italy (for Uberti). Bill
  20. bring brass into Mass.

    What is the legality of me (in N.H.) and delivering to someone in mass. a bunch of used brass cases?
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