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  1. NH Resident Flying Logan

    I've flown out of Logan dozens of times as a Mass resident and wasn't worried, mostly worried about my new non resident status.
  2. NH Resident Flying Logan

    Anyone have experience with this? I do not have a non resident LTC and may be flying out west with a few guns next month. I have never been asked for a LTC when I was a Mass Resident at Logan and understand I am covered by FOPA, but don't want the hassle if it becomes one. (Ive heard the NYC and...
  3. Toyota experts

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply, it's always good to hear good things!
  4. Toyota experts

    I'm considering a 2020 Tacoma. I, like many of you am very averse to the amount of computer technology in modern vehicles and don't like the idea that they can be hacked, especially the major driveline systems like the dumb adapted cruise control and "lane assist". Does anyone know if these...
  5. TSA Officers Find Loaded Handgun In Carry-On Bag At Worcester Airport

    Very impressed with the police response here.
  6. Shooting skills day to day

    You're confirming my fear that it is a diminishing skill if not practiced regularly. Like golf.
  7. Shooting skills day to day

    I'm a bit frustrated, I shoot about twice a month, mostly pistols and revolvers of varying calibers, and I've noticed that some days I'm absolutely a crack shot, and other days it's like I haven't picked up a handgun before. It's frustrating and I have no idea why. Does this happen to anyone...
  8. SWEDEN: Woman Who Stabbed Rapist Faces Attempted Murder Charge

    This is what happens when individuals are just pawns of the state.
  9. Austin "Man" Surrenders AK to Austin PD

    This is my favorite part of the video, the cop can tell he's speaking with a complete idiot.
  10. need to vent about Colt

    I agree completely. But I've changed my attitude to one where I'm pleased when a new production firearm works as intended rather than expecting it to.
  11. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    Good outcome, but it's beyond ridiculous that all that had to even occur. In Soviet Amerika, car gets stolen, owner goes to jail!
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