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  1. Moving MA to RI to MA/RI

    Asking for family...he rents in MA and has his MA class A unrestricted and owns 1 pistol...he is moving into his girlfriend’s house which she owns in RI before the end of the year and he will pay rent there...and then they plan to move somewhere near the coast around the MA/RI line which may or...
  2. Army Medal Identification

    My Dad recently passed. I’m trying to identify his army medals. He served in Vietnam for a couple years and worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers and he also went down to NY after 9/11 as a launch operator to move people from Jersey to NY for 3 weeks. Here is the list I have so far from his...
  3. Taran Butler in hot water?

    View: View:
  4. RI Raimondo is Coming For Your Guns

    caught this on her state of the state address last forward to 47:00 (about 3 minutes of content) View:
  5. Outdoor Security Camera System

    i'm looking to install a security camera system outside of my home...i have been looking mainly at arlo and blink but i don't know that either of them will work for my application...i live on a main road and don't want notification and clips of every car that passes all day and these systems...
  6. Shoot 25-06 with 30-06 rifle?

    Will it damage the rifle?...thanks in advance
  7. WTS Point37's Garage Sale Thread - South Coast MA / Northeast RI

    below is a list of the items which i will keep current by removing sold items and adding new items by updating this original post so i don't have multiple posts to keep track of...descriptions of items will be in parentheses below the item title if the title isn't sufficient...the newer items...
  8. NES Yard Sale Section Thread Question for a Mod

    I was thinking of starting 1 single thread in the NES Yard Sale section with multiple items in it that and just call it my garage sale thread and just update the original post by adding new items and deleting sold items as I go...I didn't really see anything in the rules against it but I wanted...
  9. about time to go Green

    been here for a few years and figured it's time...i've belonged to quite a few forums (mostly motorcycle forums) and have never paid for a membership...this is the first...learned a lot on here from members and look forward to continuing to do so...thanks
  10. .22lr in a .22 short bolt action rifle?

    Ok to run in a single shot .22 short squirrel gun? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Cell Phone Plan Advice

    so i'm currently with Verizon...i have 2 phones on my plan...1 is my iphone 5s which i'm still running ios 8.3 so it stays somewhat fast (upgrade ios = phone slows down due to new ios is designed for processor in new model phones and not the old phones) and the other phone is my parents dumb...
  12. Shed Security Alarm System

    looking for a simple alarm system for a shed...something like a motion detector that i can plug in inside the shed and have the audible alarm inside the house...maybe a fob to disarm it when i'm already outside so i don't have to go back in the house to disarm...range would have to be 100+ feet...
  13. Full30 mobile webpage error

    Anyone else not able to cancel out the sidebar on the full30 webpage on their phone?...won't work in chrome or safari...maybe it's cause I'm still running iOS 8.3 on my iPhone 5s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Where to advertise selling a home by owner?

    i'm helping advertise a home for family which is going to be sold by owner...we have used the below site with the free option so far...i'm thinking of using some type of flat fee mls listing to get it more exposure...anyone have any suggestions?
  15. Alaska teens must have felt left out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. GPS Tracker for Canoe Relay Race

    I was hoping for something I could attach to the canoe so people could check into an app on their phones and see where the canoe is on the river...I was thinking about using something like tile...the problem with it is it will not show location unless a member of the tile community (basically...
  17. Situation legal to pass a school bus?

    UPDATE: see post #101 for description and video in post #105 Since I have a lot of time on my hands with my current project I figured I'd ask and see if I was in the right or the wrong in this situation. Fist off I always stop for buses picking up kids as well as pull over for the...
  18. YouTube censors gun channels

    Not sure if it's a repost... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Identify This Tool

    UPDATE: new tools to ID...see newest post #42 Found it cleaning out a shed...any ideas?...the pointy part is brass or bronze Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Jailbreak iPhone Worth It?

    i have an iphone 5s which i cancelled the insurance on cause i replaced the battery myself and figured they wouldn't cover it anyway plus it's older...i am not under contract and i still have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with verizon...paying about $125/mo for 2 phones (1 smart, 1 dumb)...
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