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  1. WTS Ruger Mark lll 22/45

    For sale Ruger Mark lll 22/45, 22 caliber, in good condition some wear on barrel bluing (see pics) full volquartsen internals ( target trigger improvements) bushing installed for easier takedown. Volquartsen extractor and firing pin. Includes one mag. Prefers CCI and golden bulletts, dislikes...
  2. The new hotness

    Sig has just come out with an aluminum framed 320 AGX scorpion, and a modular aluminum grip frame will also be offered for the 320. As a fan of metal guns this is interesting, it will have changeable grip panels etc. I,m looking more from a competition aspect as the aluminum frame ups the...
  3. WTS 38 special - 300 rounds

    For sale 200 rounds of Winchester 130 grain brass cased 38 special 100 rounds of Remington 125 semi jacked +p hollow points brass cased 300 rounds total $180 North shore area must have and show ma LTC, all laws apply and will be followed
  4. WTS Federal Gold Medal Target 22 LR

    Federal gold medal target 22 LR standard velocity $120 per 1000 (2 boxes of 500) additional boxes available. North shore area, All laws apply and will be followed, must have and show LTC
  5. WTS Sig 225 A1 9 mm

    For sale, mint Sig 225 A1, 9mm. This is a single stack 9 mm with some nice features from the factory, sig night sights, short reset trigger aluminum alloy frame, G10 grips, with internal mag funnel, under cut trigger, checkered front strap. Single stack 8 round mags, 2 mags included $950 FFL...
  6. WTS Ruger LC9 S pro 9mm

    For sale like new Ruger LC9 S pro 9mm. This model has the dovetailed sights and NO safety. (Hard to find in Ma) Very nice factory trigger. Great for concealed carry. Includes the extended base plate (not shown) $450 FFL transfer north shore area. All laws apply and will be followed buyer must...
  7. WTS 38 special ammo

    For sale 3 100 round boxes of Winchester 38 special 130 grain brass cased ammo $180 North shore/ Burlington area All laws apply and will be followed must show LTC
  8. Uspsa rule update

    For those that are interested in USPSA they just updated the rule book and the new weight for carry optics and production is 59oz
  9. WTS Sig 226 with rail Comptec holster

    New/like new sig 226 with rail Comptec holster $30, Burlington , north shore area, fits sig legion
  10. Pending suspension

    To the person who posted about a pending suspension due to residing in two different places whom I hope was wise enough to have their post removed which would be why I couldn't,t find it. 1) does the town censuses match your permit? voting records?. 2) a friend of mine had a similar though more...
  11. OMG Nightmare classifier

    This is a uspsa classifier cm99-14 Hoser Heaven. Let's just say it was an eye opener or more likely I'm just a turtle. This classifier was different than what I,m used to In that it had a 5 second par time. for every shot after 5.3 on the timer you started loosing your best hits. It was 6...
  12. Uspsa at hopkinton

    Wondering when uspsa will be starting at hopkinton, and if you guys will be using practice score for sign up. Thanx
  13. Thoughts on S&W 986 9mm 2 1/2 snubby

    Does any one have any experience with S&W new 986 pro model revolver. It,s a 2 1/2 inch barreled snubby 7 shot that weighs around 29 oz. The original 986 has a 5" barrel. Thoughts??
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