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  1. Winchester m1152

    I was excited to see Winchester m1152 9mm at Academy Sporting Goods. I bought a box for $35. I have a Sig 320 and was curious about the military’s new round. After opening the box I see that it’s the same as the service grade markings and all minus the annealing.
  2. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    I happened upon a Capco A2 upper receiver and paired it with a psa stealth Lower. The psa lower had a bad finish but my friend duracoated them colt grey and it’s gorgeous. The upper and lower fit like a glove. If you see a capco upper buy it. Now my friend wants one and we do a search of gun...
  3. Nonmagnetic 62 grain

    I’m sure others have experienced gun ranges that say no green tips, 855s or ss109. I shoot a gemtech halo and light Bullets don’t suppress. My a2 upper made by capco groups lake city 855 perfect. I have tried federal red box 223 62 grain with less than a decent group and Swedish 5.56 otm from...
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