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  1. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    So you're saying some of the guys on this forum have your mother's fear of snakes? [devil]
  2. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    It's not possible to tell from the crude Yahoo Finance tool I was using, and just to be clear this was yesterday. I should have looked at another website, but in the last few minutes of the trading session all of the volume data I'd been looking at changed across the board to lower levels, so I...
  3. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    This is what I was referring to... the Eastern Milk Snake eggs hatching in my incubator, one of the babies, and the mother (which I caught from the wild and let go the next year after breeding her with a wild-caught male):
  4. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Melanistic People Matter (MPM) is a better name for them than Bureau of Land Management (BLM), but I wasn't consulted.
  5. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    I just saw a Yahoo Finance chart for a Total Market stock fund I follow, and it looks like the trade volume today is MUCH higher that what I've usually seen. Anybody notice that? I wonder what's going on.
  6. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    I don't think keeping it for a pet is the OP's intention, but if you're not prepared to properly care for it all winter long, I'd hope you let it go soon NEAR WHERE YOU CAUGHT IT, as the nights are getting colder, and it needs to fatten up to get ready for hibernation. Those snakes are not easy...
  7. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Hahaha, I wish, but thanks! I did have a lot of fun with snakes for a while, and they served as my science project up until 6th grade, by which time I had a 45-minute multi-media presentation and then fed a snake in front of the class, but the business I had as an adult didn't bring in enough...
  8. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    This is well-done, pleasing to the eyes, informative, and funny!
  9. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Yes, I was working with a rare genetic variety. I've known some snakes to sell for $50,000 or more (not mine)! You may wonder who would pay that much for a snake. It's mostly breeders who want to produce those animals to make money or cross them with other snakes that have genetic mutations to...
  10. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Good, reliable information here. I have found that Northern Water Snakes tend to have an attitude. And I've been looking for Hognose Snakes in the wild for over 40 years and haven't ever seen one outside of captivity. Since they like to burrow in sandy soil, it might be worth searching on the...
  11. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Aside from identifying quite a few snakes for people in posts here, I've also posted about other snake-related things, and one of them was looking for the escaped cobra in Stoneham. I didn't find it, but eventually it turned up in an elementary school, and a friend of mine went over and captured...
  12. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    I resemble that remark. ;) I've been into nature since I was very young and spent much of my time studying it. In 2nd grade, my teacher asked me to help teach the rest of the class a semester of science, and she said I could do it on dinosaurs because that's what I was into at the time. Not...
  13. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Very pretty. Just like the babies from the clutch of eggs I hatched. If I saw your thread about it, I'm sure I responded.
  14. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    I know some people are just being funny, but even among the serious posts, there is a lot of misinformation in this thread—something I've found in my decades of experience with snakes to be very common. Here's where I'm coming from. In addition to being a snake breeder, as noted above, I also...
  15. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Definitely don't tread on a snake worth $8000!
  16. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Yes, I did but don't have any snakes now. In addition to milk snakes, I've successfully bred boas and also pythons that sold for $8k each after I hatched their eggs and they ate their first meal. I fly drones too, but so far I haven't gotten any stuck in a tree!
  17. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Some are a bit similar, but as I said this water snake is melanistic (meaning it has a lot of melanin, making it extra dark).
  18. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    Eastern Milk Snakes do have a belly pattern, but the markings are square and/or rectangular (not like in the photo). I actually bred a pair of wild-caught Eastern Milk Snakes once, which was quite an experience because I had to hibernate them first. I did that at a very chilly location inside...
  19. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    It's definitely a Northern Water Snake, and quite a melantistic one at that.
  20. Where Are They Coming From???

    This is great news! I've been looking for another hot Asian girlfriend, but NH has very few of them... someone who is Indian (India is part of Asia) would be fine with me, and I like curry! If anybody here looks like Priyanka Chopra, PM me. I'll show you a good time.
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