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  1. Deals and steals

    Something went wrong on their end. BJ's has a 24 gun for $299
  2. Deals and steals

    Interesting nothing even in Southern Maine and Southern NH.
  3. Biden Deputy Chief of Staff Pushed ‘Mandatory’ Firearm Buybacks

    They make it sound like they are doing you a favor by buying your rights back from you for a mere pittance of what it really is worth. This is all without regard to you whether or not you're wanting to sell them back. That's how commies roll they give you a choice that is not a choice in the...
  4. Deals and steals

    Out of stock
  5. Looks like Channel 5 is going after oil filters tonight

    Yet channel 5 is pushing hard for Creepy Joe the molester. Oh the irony.
  6. Parlor forum app suspicious...

    Pretty much. They are scared because they know Trump won by a great margin. The real number are on our side. We can't and won't be controlled. Push comes to shove and they are toast.
  7. Parlor forum app suspicious...

    Ya there was a discussion on CNN several days ago (saw a YouTube video of it) with Sam Donaldson they were complaining people were going there bypassing the control of Facebook.
  8. AR help - please :)

    Do you think possible mag and round interference pressure on bolt carrier? Can you cycle rounds through it? Without firing pin installed.
  9. AR help - please :)

    Look for any rub/wear spots.
  10. Out of state UPS box

    You can have a PO Box wherever you like. There is no law against it. IDK if you can ship ammo, primers or that sort of stuff through them.
  11. Reloading for an 1895 Mauser

    I've been shooting it since '94ish. It's a sporterized version with a new barrel.
  12. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I have noticed depending how much lube you use it can change the resizing dimensions. I prefer a little more than less.
  13. Reloading for an 1895 Mauser

    I load for an 1895. 35.4 Varget 140gr Nosler BT. No noticeable case expansion or primer signs. I have some cases sized a little loose and they are still loose after firing.
  14. The President Trump Megathread

    A lot of answers here. Everyone from Soros to the Pope want him out so they can kick off the Great Reset of 2021.
  15. Trump policies spur gun violence. Next president must use federal authority to stop it.

    I believe Trump has publicly condemned white supremacists 38 times now. Has Biden and the left condemned Burning Looting and Murdering and ANTIFA? What about Maura saying we need to burn the whole thing down? Have they condemned Black supremacy? There's your answer. They hate America that's...
  16. 80% lower ar15 i think i screwed up

    Not pretty but it works. Now that you have it under your belt it can only get better.
  17. AR9 barrel nut grease

    OK I'll ask, what kind of problems can arise if you don't use the proper grease and what makes it better than others?
  18. AK drum question

    Do other mags lock up OK? The top registers the geometry. The bottom would be the area to do.
  19. 80% lower ar15 i think i screwed up

    Don't give up! Maybe try a polymer one to get the whole thing down. There's a learning curve if you have never done anything like this. Maybe a router jig rather than a drill press setup.
  20. Hundreds of members of black militia raise their guns while holding an armed rally in Louisiana weeks after police fatally shot an African American

    Taking a step back on the whole thing it seems a common theme in this thread is the constitution. We are at this point in time because we have drifted from it. It has been undermined and twisted from the original meaning and intent from schools to the media and the left. Americans are not...
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