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  1. WTS Free Winchester 24 gun safe

    See this post in this thread. It's barely better than trash at the moment, so that's why it's free. Green members only with decent NES experience (so I guess this is more like a Karma)...
  2. WTT Ammo for a Weld

    I have drilled and placed pin in brake and barrel (included beveled a bowl for the weld pool) and just need someone with a welder to do that step. I can grind and finish it. I have 5.56 and 300BLK I'm in North MetroWest, willing to travel
  3. Perhaps Orwell forgot to mention the Global Pandemic that birthed Big Brother?

    The long-term impact of Covid is the cession of Freedom from Individuals to Society, which at some point, I'd rather be Dead. "Perhaps health is more important than privacy and civil liberties. Obviously, you'd have absolutely no civil liberties, freedoms, or powers if you were deceased...
  4. Prepper Math

    Saw this in a marketing email from some list. A couple years old, but interesting take on prepping as disaster planning (like floods) for civil war. Probably should put your tinfoil hat on before reading. [tinfoil] View...
  5. Gunman at Harvard (Smith Campus Center)

    Reports from folks in Harvard Sq...trying to find a news source
  6. Trump To Ban Anchor Babies

    He really likes to stir shit up. Trump claims he can defy Constitution and end birthright citizenship - CNNPolitics It's cute how liberals cherry-pick the parts of the Constitution they like to defend.
  7. Liberal Outrage Megathread

    Given Kavanaugh's confirmation, there will surely be numerous protests, tears, self-arson, etc. that I'd love to see collected in one place. Even if you are posting in a specific thread, link here for easy access to all the Schadenfreude available on NES.
  8. SCOTUS Celebration: Go to the Range

    Tomorrow, I plan on going to the range for the first time in a while, and celebrate a solid majority pro-2A SCOTUS. I hope AG Healey has a nice weekend knowing that all the bullshit she's pulled here in the past few years either needs to be walked back, or is going to get smacked down at some...
  9. Pro 2A Florida HS walkout

    Haven't searched CNN for it.. Students at Florida high school stage walkout in support of Second Amendment
  10. What to ban here (FoxNews article: Family killed in California cliff crash had recent visit from )

    Family killed in California cliff crash had recent visit from Child Protective Services, police say ETA: a tragedy, for sure, if ever there was one. Family killed in California cliff crash had recent visit from Child Protective Services, police say SUVs? Twisty coastal roads? something...
  11. Justice Kennedy to Retire this Summer, according to Republican Senator (NYDailyNews article)

    Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire this summer, GOP senator says
  12. Disarming Jews caused the Holocaust to be Worse (CNN Article)

    Alaska Rep. Don Young suggests more Jews would have survived the Holocaust if they were armed - CNNPolitics Anti-defamation League takes the puzzling stance that saying guns would have saved lives makes Jews look like Pussies or something. I don't k ow if being armed would have saved Jews in...
  13. So I Bought A Gun (after watching CNN Town Hall) [Federalist Article]

    I Bought My First Gun Because Of The CNN Town Hall "The town hall was a display of tyranny. For tyranny has never come from a single person, but rather from a mob cheering for the destruction of liberty and rights from those with whom they disagree. So I bought a gun."
  14. MA Compliant Storage?

    On my Christmas list. It has one of those hidden magnet locks...but probably would need trigger, action, or mag well lock too...
  15. Senator Warren Town Hall - Concord-Carlisle HS, 8/25 @ 5:30p

    She must have seen the Diehl interview. Dear Squire, Senator Elizabeth Warren will be hosting a town hall in Concord, and you're invited! She will be making remarks and answering questions about what's happening in the Senate and how she's fighting for Massachusetts families. This is...
  16. CNN: Trump - "I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den"

    Is that why YOU voted for Trump?
  17. Kentucky low budget wrestling trolls Liberals

    Being from Kentucky, I laughed.
  18. Shark lover, or, Hell No am I going to catch and release Just going to leave this here. Some guys know how to enjoy the Great Outdoors.
  19. Car into crowd Billerica?

    Just heard Mistress Carrie on WAAF report fatalities at Lynnway Auto auction? Any scanner jockeys hear it?
  20. anybody know someone who refurbishes electronics?

    I have two HP all-in-one printers that are broken. HP Envy 4500, part of the cartridge chassis that is driven by the belt broke off (I have the piece). I have a couple of ink cartridges for it. HP C310. Won't power up. May be the supply. May be toast. I don't know. I just replaced...
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