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  1. WTS Nosler Custom Comp 155gr 308 bullets, box of 1000

    WTS 1 x 1000 Nosler 155 custom comp bullets in 30 cal. Asking $275, plus the ride if you can't pickup locally in Norwood ($15 flat rate usps) View: Thanks for looking
  2. 308 Garand Donor

    Stripped the rifle and spun the barrel off today. Just ordered a barrel from CMP. Going to rent the reamer sometime next week. View:
  3. trump TV; his own television station

    TL;DR, Trump had a temper tantrum when Fox reported Arizona's vote and now wants to make his own network where he can report his own version of fake news. Yeah, I was 12 once too.
  4. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    Dunno, this is just my opinion. I see too many guys sh-t talking their "awful" hand scores even before they get up and shoot, and then big surprise, they go down in flames. I used to hate / fear standing. But now when I am having a bad day, or need to relax, I go to my range and shoot 20 rounds...
  5. 308 Garand Donor

    Nice thing about 308 vs 30-06 is same bullet, primer, powder - just different cases (and dies).
  6. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    Off topic and not directed at you, but the first step to shooting a good standing score is to stop calling it Awfulhand. This entire thread is excellent, but post 66-70 speak to standing...
  7. 308 Garand Donor

    Exactly, because 308. I already have a 30-06 CMP Games Garand and would never have the time to shoot another '06 Garand.
  8. 308 Garand Donor

    I have this 4.3 SA that I acquired many years ago. It's beautiful, but the end of the barrel and into the bore is pitted. That's how I got it. Everything appears correct and the stock/TG has amazing lockup. Considered selling it, but then came to the conclusion it would be a good 308 conversion...
  9. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    1903-A3 It's a laser beam and the bolt is so smooth.
  10. 2020 CMP M1 Garand Clinic OCSA , SEASON is OVER

    Couldn't make the match this last sunday, but I did get to swing by Camp Perry earlier this week... View:
  11. Quincy MA restriction

    Keep it short and simple. Or you can sell your house, maybe find a new job, say bye to friends and family and move to NH just so you don't have to do this dance every 6 years.
  12. Gun, ammo shortage. problem

    Thinking, most new covid gun owners get by with the 1-2 factory mags provided with their gun. I think that most of us here have essentially a lifetime supply of mags. I know I do.
  13. AR9 barrel nut grease

    Like I read on another forum "Anti Seize is just grease with a bunch of other stuff in it" I did a barrel the other week and used anti seize for the barrel nut and also the the barrel extension. Don't overthink this one..
  14. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    @Matt-CZ , no CMP this year at Braintree.
  15. Subaru head gaskets leaking

    The A4 is 50/50 f/r. I have a B7, it's fun to drive. IIRC, A3s and other smaller audis are front biased. No thanks.
  16. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    I've owned several E30s and love them. My E46 replaced an E30. I wanted something a little more modern and comfortable as a daily driver. To me, the E46 is the perfect mix. When I need to scratch that old school itch - that's what my E28 535is is for :)
  17. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    Not sure what I am doing to do when it's time to replace my E46 BMW. 220k miles, mechanically 100% but in the next 2-3 years some rust issues will pop up. There are a few bubbles in the common problem spots now. I'd love to find an E46 330i wagon with a 6speed MT. The E46 BMW is the best 3...
  18. Reloads for a Springfield M1A?

    Last winter my priming tool malfunctioned and I didn't notice that ~1k rounds of 223 I had loaded had their primers not seated properly. Guess what I did?
  19. Process for crimp removal

    I don't get it. LC (and others...) is crimped. You remove the crimp during the first time it's processed then never have to do it again. Are you keeping track of your brass?
  20. Reloads for a Springfield M1A?

    The CCI BR primers are good to go. A slam fire has a greater chance of occurring if the primer isn't seated properly. Run your fingertip over the primer and you should feel that the primer is slightly deeper than the case. It should be fairly obvious. Slam fires are rare but do occur. I have...
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