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  1. WTS Nosler Custom Comp 155gr 308 bullets, box of 1000

    WTS 1 x 1000 Nosler 155 custom comp bullets in 30 cal. Asking $275, plus the ride if you can't pickup locally in Norwood ($15 flat rate usps) View: Thanks for looking
  2. 308 Garand Donor

    I have this 4.3 SA that I acquired many years ago. It's beautiful, but the end of the barrel and into the bore is pitted. That's how I got it. Everything appears correct and the stock/TG has amazing lockup. Considered selling it, but then came to the conclusion it would be a good 308 conversion...
  3. History on Quicksand Pond Gun Club - Little Compton, RI ?

    In reviewing some family history, apparenltly I had a great grandfather who worked at the Quicksand Pond Gun Club in Little Compton, RI. This would have been prior to 1928 because that's when he passed away. Quicksand Pond exists, but I can't find anything the old gun club. Would be great to...
  4. Minelli 1917 Stocks Now Available

    Stock, Walnut, w/o Hardware, New Reproduction | Gun Parts Corp. Dealer (C&R) pricing is minus 20. Thread on CMP forum: Numrich reproduction M1917 stocks - CMP Forums
  5. CMP Releases 2019 Rulebooks....

    Perusing the 2019 rulebooks and looking at the changes from last year: "For 2019, after much debate and inputs from many, the CMP decided to return the first Modern Military Rifle Class to its original rules as a Standard Modern Military Rifle and to establish a separate Unlimited Modern...
  6. 1917 will NOT be making it to Butner

    I've been hitting the range this week getting everything dusted off / sighted in for Butner. My 1917 just wasn't shooting the way I remembered it did last year. First I thought it was me. Larger groups than normal were sitting in the 8 ring at 9 oclock. I didn't have my front sight tool with...
  7. Bula M14 sale

  8. Raw Linseed Oil One Year Later

  9. CMP Eastern Games

  10. Yearly Garand Detail Strip

  11. Dupage Tigerstripe Walnut

  12. Can anyone identify this old rifle?

    A friend sent me a photo of her Grandfather, trying to ID the rifle he's holding. My best guess, based on a bunch of googling, is a Sears Ranger variant. Thoughts? edit, one more grainy pic :
  13. Iwo Jima Diary

    This is a little bit off topic to the Mil Surp subforum but I figured this is the best place to put this on NES. Grandfather's account of the Battle of Iwo Jima. He served in the Navy aboard the USS Talladega. Take note the last page is a memorandum of the first day of battle. I only found...
  14. Not quite Milsurp, but

    ... I like this subforum the best anyways. I have an M14 barreled receiver coming my way. Consulted Franco last night. Another guy from Old Colony jumped on this too.
  15. HXP, always a flyer

  16. 308 Garand / Modern Military

  17. 1903-A3 re-stock

    I've been working on re-stocking my 03A3 with a Minelli C Stock for the past month or so. My old stock started to show it's age, specifically the rear tang area became too compressed which resulted in decreased accuracy. I had shimmed it once during last season, but the shim isn't "CMP Legal"...
  18. Picked up a Winchester 1917 on GB

    Ever since I borrowed an M1917 at the CMP New England Games, I've been on the lookout for a shooter. The past few weeks a few of them have slipped away * GB Auction for a Remington with a HS Barrel and nice rebuild cartouche - got into a bidding war with another guy. The 15 minute rule turned...
  19. Garand front sight widths

    Since we're rained in today, I pulled some Garands out of the safe. Below are 4 front sights (L-R) SA (.647), HRA(.750), WRA (.815)and IHC. (.850). I use a WRA front sight on my match rifle (not pictured). It also measures to .815.
  20. My 2016 CMP New England Games Summary

    I attended the 2016 CMP New England Games, signed up for 3 GSVMM matches and 1 Carbine match. Got there Thursday afternoon in time to check in and drive down to see the last 2 relays of the afternoon GSVMM match. The High Power range was about a 10 minute drive down a gravel road from the...
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