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  1. Vox on L.A. County's deputy gangs

    good lord California is such a mess
  2. Crossing Guard gets guns seized.

    1984 playing out right before our very eyes
  3. 2019 Steel challenge at Harvard sportsman’s club

    do you need to pre-register for this?
  4. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Unbelievable, it was very depressing but well done
  5. Best City to Retire in!!! Shocking!!!

    where was this survey done? Tijuana ?
  6. So long, farewell, it's been good to know ya... UPDATE post 164

    Congrats and good luck , help save Nashville , it's really starting to go left lately :(
  7. Gun shop planning to open near Dedham playground, community outraged

    thousands LOL! when dozens show up. f***ing sheep
  8. Pelosi announces formal Trump impeachment inquiry

    If Trump wins in 2020 then we are going to see a 6-3 conservative Supreme court. the Dems just cannot fathom having a conservative Supreme Court for the next 30 years. Also if this Dirt on Biden really comes out as being actual corruption, this opens a can of worms the Dems cannot recover from...
  9. concealed carry pants

    you're on the south shore. Get in touch with Todd May at Kydex Holsters for IWB or OWB Concealed Carry Everyday Carry he has made me and several of my shooting buddies AIWB holsters for several different guns (M&P 9C) CZ P-01, sig p320/365's he's made some updates to the holster that don't show...
  10. Your favorite Caribbean "All Inclusive" Resort

    not a fan of all inclusives either. Aruba is the balls, 82 every day with a 5mph breeze. Can't wait to go back :)
  11. Trijicon SRO

    over 3000 rounds through the CZ with this on it and , nothing has moved. Still holding perfect zero. About 1500 on the M&P nd again no issues. I'd like to check out the Rig Romeo XL or Max vs the SRO. the $$$ is up a bit for the Sigs optics but they look nice as well.
  12. Testicle Shot

    oh no he racked it, that's what freaked me out
  13. Mazda CX-5

    I got a brand new CX-5 loaded in 2015. I've got a little over 90,000 miles on it now and the only cash I'd dumped into it besides scheduled maintenance is brakes and tires. I love mine and will be getting another one when this one has seen it's day. But at 90,000 it's still clean and runs great...
  14. Chrissy Teigen?

    Nope...never did it for me, and her politics just make her that much uglier to me.
  15. Testicle Shot

    it never ceases to amaze the crazy sh*t I see at the range. I was at the club this past Friday and there was a guy there shooting with his wife. Some Ruger .45 that looked about 20 years old. He must've shot around 200 rounds with it, popped the mag with the HP's in it and stuck it in the small...
  16. IWB carry with a Striker fired Semi

    anyone make one of these for M&P ?
  17. Trijicon SRO

    got a 2nd one for my M&P :)
  18. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    these a holes shouldn't even be in office, they are trying to circumvent the constitution with this BS legislature. We need a way to remove these people from their positions, besides voting them out (which in this one party cesspool may never happen)
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