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  1. 39 missing children found in georgia

    how is this not the F'n biggest story in the news????
  2. Court Rules Seven-Year-Old Boy Can Transition To Female Against Father's Wishes

    WTF, and i thought MA treated single fathers like shit.... A jury of eleven has ruled against a father who was attempting to prevent his seven-year-old son from being administered puberty blockers by the boy’s mother and doctor. Jeffrey Younger will also potentially have to refer to his son...
  3. Dan Wesson new handgun, the DWX!

    DWX - Dan Wesson oh My!
  4. 2 shot on Federal Hill in PVD last night, gang shooting

    Last night I had the unfortunate luck of being woken from bed by this shooting. As the local Latin nightclub was emptying out, a shooter fired 21 rounds of 9mm, in the direction of a parked car and about 5-6 young men hanging by it. 2 men were shot (appears to be in lower extremities), as well...
  5. any revolver guys have a fix or remedy for this?

    so was sighting in my Dan Wesson supermag, over a leather rest, and the blast past the forcing cone, is cutting into the leather bag. i only shot 25 rounds, or so, and it didn't cut through (yet), but want to cover the leather with something to stop it. what does the NES braintrust have to...
  6. Lyman Customer Service

    about 18 months ago i picked up a turbo 6000 ultra sonic cleaner. tried it to clean brass at first, then I used it to clean handguns. found a solid and cheap recipe for "Ed's Red" and it became my go too method for cleaning them. about 10 months of use with ed's red, and i noticed a seeping...
  7. Ephesian arms

    Epesian Arms, Seized? going out of business? moving sale? saw a post today on FB saying there is a sale on seized property from Ephesian Arms going on right now. i did a google search and one here, but can't find any info on them being shutdown. anyone have more information?
  8. Mink catches cottontail
  9. 3 year old Pure bred Shepard looking for a home

    My buddy is watching a friends 3 years old purebred male and it's not working out for them as it chases cats. Does well with other dogs, friendly personality, not sure about kids but overall it's a great dog. Free to good home.
  10. Proud Father finally sees proof his son is ok at Boot Camp

    My son is three weeks deep into basic for the Army at Fort Sill. Big step for him, as he drifted a bit post leaving high school before buckling down, getting his diploma and signing up for hopefully a long career as a BioMedical equipment specialist. Sharing this photo I found on their website...
  11. sutton plaza roof collapsed

    local plaza, two businesses directly effected, while indirectly 5 more including USPS and my favorite liquor store.
  12. 18 month old killed by family's dogs i am friends with the grandfather, and this whole family is completely devastated. The Great grand parents great uncles are local to me. this hits home to me how easy...
  13. reloading .357 max - substituting jacketed data with cast lead bullets

    finally found some relatively inexpensive cast 170 gr lead to feed the dan wesson. i found somePug nose 170 gr hi-tek coated bullets Missouri bullets and am planning on using 4227 behind it. Hodgdon doesn't provide data for this bullet, just a jacketed 170 gr. i loaded 4227 behind their...
  14. down?

    hopefully just a server crash, finally started selling some stuff there last week, now its been down for 30 minutes!
  15. another epic fail, testing my new bullet proof vest, what could go wrong?
  16. ruger lcp vs squib update...why Ruger will be getting a bunch of business from me!

    as i knew the broken guns was completely my fault, and i believed Ruger owed me nothing, i contacted Ruger with intent on having the gun repaired. i explained exactly how i came to own the gun and how the gun came to be broken. They said if they could fix it they would let me know after...
  17. New lube better then frog lube? Liberal Tears! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Squib vs lcp

    Scary trip to the range today. Shooting reloads (came with gun, looked commercially marked, but no manufacturer info - mistake 1). 2nd round from the mag, pulled trigger didn't hear bang, action didn't cycle. Dropped mag, cycled slide ejecting shell into empty brass container (mistake 2). Saw...
  19. Corbin HCT-1 Cannelure tool review

    so a while back i picked up some really cheap 500 S&W bullets. They are 400 grain Winchester Platinum tip JHP. They did not have a cannelure, but for the price i figured i could get the bullets and the tool for less then i would pay for the barnes XPB i was using ( trying to rationalize another...
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