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  1. RI res, applying for MA LTC

    Awesome thanks. In the provided space on the form, there isn't a whole lot of room. Do you think it would be ok to write "see attached" or similar and type a letter?
  2. RI res, applying for MA LTC

    What do you think about my proximity to the state line and visiting family in southeast MA often incl the New Beige area?
  3. RI res, applying for MA LTC

    Hello, As the title says, I've just completed my required course to apply for my Massachusetts non resident LTC and am looking for some guidance on what to put as a reason. I have my RI CCW, no criminal history whatsoever, and a security clearance. I don't carry large sums or anything...
  4. Brand new 300AAC pistol build; FTE

  5. Brand new 300AAC pistol build; FTE

    Ok thanks for the info guys. Gas system is pistol length BTW and I think my next move will be the Nemo spring. I'm gonna hold off for now and see what happens when I take it out again (this week hopefully)
  6. Brand new 300AAC pistol build; FTE

    Like the title says I just took my 300 BLK pistol out and every few rounds,sometimes back to back, I'm getting a failure to eject. Parts: 10.5" Radical barreled upper Anderson lower and LPK LBE carbine buffer, spring and tube. Anderson BCG and CH. Only 30 rounds so far of Czech 300 AAC, 124gr...
  7. Service List

    Is that Culture Fabrique? (Or something similar) If so then yes definitely
  8. Forum issues

    ^Seconded, RIFOL is a great forum
  9. RI Range Question

    Midstate is nice. My buddy is a member at Providence Revolver, but I've yet to shoot there. Thanks Mike
  10. Wallum Lake Membership Drive - Join for $150

    I was wondering the same. Check out if you havent already. Planning on taking the fam to the field day coming up as well.
  11. Service List

    USAF Active Duty 1999-2007 Ramstein AB 2000-2003, 86th OSS Ansersen AFB 2003-2005, 36th OSS Cannon AFB 2005-2007, 27th OSS
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