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  1. dark humor

  2. S&W warranty work. Experience?

    There was not a slide change. I had the tab snap off my early M&P striker (after several thousand rounds on a gun I bought used), which they replaced with the new assembly. The plastic bushing and striker they sent me were visibly different than the broken one, not sure if the spring also...
  3. Pick your quarantine house...

    Not for me - I'll take 5. I don't care how fluffy that cat is, it'll mind it's business or I'll feed it to the ghosts.
  4. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    I really like shooting my M1, M39 and K31. But my favorite is my Egyptian FN49.
  5. Mauser Carbine Conversion

    I haven't tried that Rhineland kit, but I'm suddenly interested. Way back in the dark ages I bought a 5 pack of Mausers from Century, and one of them had a huge divot in the chamber. It would make a perfect donor action for that kit. At this point I can't remember if it was a 24 or a 24/47...
  6. dark humor

  7. dark humor

  8. dark humor

  9. dark humor

  10. Well, post some military pics.

    An angry A-10A - Jordan during the 2nd gulf party, I believe. The only place I remember filling the spot between jets with live bombs. They were a nice friendly plane to work avionics on. Plus a bomb truck - everybody likes 500 pounders. Most of the time they were friendly - however...
  11. dark humor

  12. dark humor

    Dark enough for y'all?
  13. Compensator for a post-ban MA rifle, .223 and quiet?

    Columbia River Arms - Configure Your Custom Barrel I've got one of their 20" barrels - a very nice shooter.
  14. Compensator for a post-ban MA rifle, .223 and quiet?

    I'm not familiar with the Wilson you listed. I know a couple people with the BCM, and I believe it's less noisy than chamber style brakes. I haven't used the Griffin linear comp specifically, but I have a linear from Kaw Valley and another from a defunct shop and I'd pick a linear if I were...
  15. dark humor

  16. Lighten up..... Best Lead in to a Rock song....

    I was thinking about what the definition of 'rock' is while rolling through here - realized that I was looking for something that doesn't exist. It would have to cover music my brain has filed under rock from 1965 to today. That's a lot of mixed ground for a definition to cover without being...
  17. Rifle Sling suggestions / help

    If I'm understanding correctly, your concern is that the tube mounted sling swivel won't hold up to a 10 year old? I suppose you could mount a machine screw sling swivel like Grovtec's up front, but I have no idea if the fore end wood on a Henry will hold up any better than a tube mount swivel...
  18. Heavy Canine Contents: So that the funny thread doesn't get locked

    From The Oatmeal - the rest of it can be found here ==> My Dog: The Paradox - The Oatmeal
  19. dark humor

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