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  1. Nevada random shooting spree leaves 1 dead, 4 hurt; suspects arrested in Arizona

    hmm, two swing states under lawsuit of election fraud
  2. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    nah, just rest it over the melting pot for a few minutes
  3. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    mold not up to temp
  4. Deals and steals

    email them your LTC? worth a shot. usually that's the reason but there's no excuse for a chunk of plastic really.
  5. Deals and steals

    I just went through the process until right before purchase and it allowed it
  6. Deals and steals

    Since when? I just ordered stuff from there within the last two months
  7. Deals and steals
  8. AR-15 Bolt Swap Outs

    The bolt and barrel combo determines your accuracy. Just be aware that even the same brand bolt may shoot slightly different ( ie- accuracy or point of impact may be different). Not a bad thing to swap the bolt but definitely make sure youre sighted it again.
  9. ATF Admits No Legal Authority For Bump Stock Ruling

    just changed the words from this ATF case to reflect the exact same overreach in sh!tchusetts
  10. ATF Admits No Legal Authority For Bump Stock Ruling

    "The complaint states that since all legislative powers lie with Mass Legislature, Maura Healey, as a part of the executive branch, cannot reinterpret statutes to mean something else. Since the law regarding various "Assault Weapons" has not changed, AR-15's can’t be reclassified as Assault...
  11. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    made another 250+ cast and hi-tek coated 9mm 125gr. I don't really bother to count anymore. Just keep filling the bucket. Is that a good thing?
  12. Wife may be on board gtfoing

    i've got it narrowed to Wyoming or South Dakota. between taxes, gun laws, and general freedom, those made my short list [and yes i'm one of those fu(ked up people that likes winter]
  13. Where can i go for the actual news

    One America News isn't terrible, but i do take an average of known biased sources
  14. .224 Valkyrie

    I've loaded up mostly 75gr projos (Hornady HPBT) because i can use them in 556 also, but i havent been able to give the 75gr amax a test run yet. Those are too long for 556 so thats my only use.
  15. .224 Valkyrie

    20" upper for me with a Faxon barrel. haven't shot it as much as id like to but easy to stuff the long heavies in there.
  16. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Added an Armanov roller bearing to the indexer on the XL650 and also replaced the indexer spring that broke and flew off the other day. I can't appreciate nor recommend enough that if you don't have the Dillon spare parts kit for your press, you need it. Absolutely need it.
  17. Coyote, Night and Day

    I have been talking with a big time coyote hunter lately after he posted a pic of a fixed mag, 6.8SPC for night hunting. He has had run ins with EPOs. They have had a notification that the law does NOT say 38 special, but 38 caliber. He has not had his firearm nor hunting license confiscated...
  18. What Generation is your Glock?

    what glock? i dont own any guns
  19. Bullet Casting & Coating MegaThread

    middle one makes for cheap 458 socom plinking with some Hi-Tek coating. blows through lead though, yeesh
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