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  1. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    oh man that fridge has been awesome. My wife is so sad as she picked it out. sadly nearly everything is a total loss. It is caked in a stick acrid tar and the private adjuster we hired has already said there’s just no way to save most of this stuff. Everything on the first floor is toast. guns...
  2. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Here are some photos
  3. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    thank you for the kind words. Every morning since I’ve woken up to see my little girl and give her the biggest hug imaginable. I’ve always said that if a mans wealth was measured in the friends he keeps, I was a goddamn Rockefeller. After seeing the response to this, I’m more like Jeff bezos...
  4. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Hey everyone. I’ve been watching this thread and reading all the kind words. I haven’t been around a lot in the last few years, life sort of took me in other directions. I’m looking at all these names, many I remember fondly and all the fun hours I spent bantering and joking with all of you...
  5. Red Flag standoff in NY

    Purging threads of what?
  6. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Wow. So all the antis go first and f*** the rest of us. Wow. Just wow. They aren’t even tying to hide it anymore.
  7. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Can those of you in attendance keep your ear peeled for the name Tynan Taylor. I had to leave for a meeting before being able to testify, however I’d like to return if they haven’t called my name. If any of you were paying attention and hear that name can you just message me to let me know...

    Rousing applause for Jim, which clearly annoyed the committee.

    What a f***ing joke this hearing is. Good god.

    Oh look, shady underhanded tricks in hopes gun owners wont show up. Shocker.
  11. Curio and Relic Application Question

    I guess this is what I get for letting mine lapse. should have renewed it back when I had one....oh well
  12. Curio and Relic Application Question

    Thats why I'm getting mine. Need it for the other dumb.
  13. Curio and Relic Application Question

    Thanks! Anyone recently apply for one and know the turnaround on them?
  14. Curio and Relic Application Question

    I have a quick question about the C&R application. Part B of the application asks for info on responsible persons. Given that I am using the license for collecting only, I am the only person for that section, correct?
  15. Developing story in Providence RI, shoot out on Route 95 on ramp near the mall

    So the rest of the people in cars around there be damned, we gun shoot up some people today! The ****!?
  16. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Cowards and turncoats........
  17. WCVB and online ammo purchases

    I hope they are here, if you're reading, go chase your shadow into ****ing traffic.
  18. WCVB and online ammo purchases

    This is why I cant wait to get out of ma and move northward. This ****ing state disgusts me
  19. WCVB and online ammo purchases

    These whiny cocksuckers were just on with a segment about the horror of target sports shipping ammo to Massachusetts! OH THE HORROR! This was all brought about by a gun owner that asked to remain anonymous. I hope you are on here you slimy, dirtbag, pansy. The kicker of it all is they...
  20. Mass shooting @ Baptist church Sutherland Springs, Texas

    Reading unsubstantiated reports this little f*ckwad was an antifa cumguzzler. Anyone else see that anywhere?
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