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  1. Large ring Mauser Receiver tap and barrel die, anyone have them.

    Need to chase the threads on my project Mauser. Anyone with tools to share/rent with in the NES world.
  2. Reloading Questions/Discussions

    Heres a few that I feel are not always easy to wrap your head around or under stand in easy terms. we will keep it simple and keep it to bolt action rifle loads 1. powder burn rate Fast or Slow I was told by a few old timers A: Use the slowest powder that ignites consistently and completes...
  3. New barrel installation on a Mauser K98 , poll added

    I have a non matching 98k RC the bore is not that good. It still shoots ok for plinking but I would like to restore the accuracy to its potential. Other than the reblue after installing the sights I can tool up to do it myself BUT depending on the total price a One Stop get it back and shoot it...
  4. Club Directory that run Non Sanctioned CMP/NRA highpower on a regular schedule that you wont find through cmp/nra web sites. Post if you know of any

    Hanson Rod and Gun 1 Davis Rd , Hanson MA CMP/NRA Intro to “highpower” 60 round format prone, sitting, standing or bench. club had M1s and ARs Ammunition - available for club gun use only. Last cost was $35 60rnds and targets due to the ammo availability issues this may have changed. its a...
  5. CMP , Something to do on a nice winter day.

    Just a reminder theres several clubs that host/run CMP shoots Hanson rod and gun 1 davis rd in hanson runs a Intro to cmp. Very laid back 60 round format. It is not a “registered” event so you can shoot just about any rifle. Its $5 for the 4 targets used and they do have some ARs and M1...
  6. WTB 6.5mm cast bullet molds, sizers, gas checks ect ect

    Im looking for 6.5mm/.268" cast bullet molds, bullet sizers, gas checks
  7. Swaging bullets

    Anyone swaging bu!lets ? I have a set of S press corbin dies and looking to possibly start jacketed 308s with 9mm cases and cast lead cores
  8. Another Old beater 1913 M96 Swede

    M96 swede all matching except bolt catch. Like anything old the more you clean it and look at the more iy shows its age. Anyhow at 107 yrs old it wearing its age well. Here is the bore after a deep cleaning. View: After the 15 rounds and some patches View...
  9. What to do with that last few oz of powder?

    I went through the cabinet and realized I have several 1lb bottles with not enough to load in any decent number of reloads. One example I have 800 grains of VV N150 Which I was using for 7.5 swiss Do I load up some plinking ammo ? I also have some 400-600 grains left of other...
  10. WTB Bren 805

    Looking to buy a bren 805. In mass
  11. Dillon blue

    This was in the discount bin. I think its close , better than the “ford” blue that was recommended.
  12. Get your M1 orders in for 1/2 off ammo ends saturday.

    If at all interested get a order in today send it over night and grab 2 cases 1/2 off The current CMP ammo special we are running with all M1 Garand purchases CLOSES on Saturday, August 15! With every rifle purchased, receive a discount of 25% off up to two cases of ammunition. Yearly ammo...
  13. Pictures posting sideways and pictures via camera up load not working

    My pictures up load sideways now and I can no longer get pictures to up load using the take photo function?
  14. The better of inexpensive tents

    Just looking for a 5-8 person tent for back yard fun.
  15. Shooting jackets

    Outback arms had a few nice condition shooting jackets. Champions choice manufacture 54, 46 and a 42 looked new. No prices
  16. Blending lead alloy " The One9"

    Maybe we can rename this thread the 2020 socially remote casting/smelting seminar ? The time off because of covid-19 or the One9 that i have been calling it has afforded me some time to clean up/out and organize alot of stuff around the house and yard. In between more important things I set...
  17. WTS Milwaukee M18 Fuel 5" Grinder 2780-20 tool only NIB

    Location : Hanover Description : New in box 2780-20 Milwaukee 5" grinder M18 Fuel Accessories : Whats in the box . handle, guard, wrench Selling Terms : cash Price : $125 Contact Information: PM Pictures: 18-volt 4-1/2 Inch and 5 Inch Grinder, Paddle Switch No-Lock Statement of Legal...
  18. 45 acp lead fouling ? Slug barrel.

    So I have a bare bones plain jain 1911 that I have put about 500 rounds of cast bullets through. Aprox 200 where TL452-230 LRN lubed with LLA that dropped small out of the mold and did not even touch the .452 sizer. I also ran the 230 lrn a bit fast. I am pretty sure most of the lead fouling...
  19. 30-06 to 8mm trim and form

    I ended up buying factory brass after a while. Forming is pretty easy with 30-06 to 8mm and 7.7 jap. I have not tried 30-06 to 308 yet. I do not shoot a lot of 8mm or jap to really need a faster way. Anything to hold the case. I find a hole in a piece of hard wood does best. You can make the...
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