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  1. Watch Pocket Knife

    Its in & out of the rotation. Lately its been either an OKC RAT2 or a Boker slip joint. (Image stolen from countycomm)
  2. EDC recommendations?

    Been carrying a $18 Victorinox Recruit for the past month. I've grown to appreciate the utility of having the few extra tools on board. Granted, the main knife blade isn't nearly as stout as many blades out there, but as long as you don't push it past the point of thinking "I probably shouldn't...
  3. EDC recommendations?

    Nice choice. Had a 556 mini griptilian for the longest time.
  4. Watch Pocket Knife

    I keep a Classic SD in my desk at work. Definitely comes in handy. Looking at the options Victorinox has - the Recruit may fit the bill. I was going between the classic red, or the black and ended up ordering the red one from BHQ to try out, along with a small Arkansas stone, a Fisher Bullet...
  5. Watch Pocket Knife

    I've got a Chive kicking around in my knife drawer....picked it up somewhere around 2005, at least it has a born on date of May 05. Not a huge fan. Doesn't open reliably, and the plastic tab that is a "safety" has broken before and the knife opened up in my pocket. Not cool. I've mentioned in...
  6. Watch Pocket Knife

    Also looking at these...Case Peanut and Buck 55
  7. Watch Pocket Knife

    Any feedback on the quality from Bear & Son? Some of their lockbacks appear nice, but are more than I was looking to spend.
  8. Watch Pocket Knife

    I'm in the market for a small pocketknife, something to keep in the watch pocket of my jeans. Looking for no more than 3" OAL. I've been scouring BladeHQ for hours, and not really finding anything that interests me. Recommendations?
  9. opinel knives

    I've got a stainless No. 8. Came with a terrible quality edge, had to do a lot of work to sharpen it up. I was able to get it very sharp. Slices well. I usually keep it in my desk drawer at work to cut up lunch if need be.

    I've got a Bucklite MAX fixed blade in my hunting pack right now. Goes with me on every hunt. Blade sharpens well, the rubber grip has a good feel, and the nylon sheath is good quality. Same as this:
  11. Anyone planning on giving knives this Christmas? 2018, 2019 AND NOW! 2020!!!

    Did the same for the groomsmen in my wedding. Benchmade mini grips, had the blades laser engraved with their first initial & last name. I’ve only seen one of the four carry the knives. That one in particular used it A LOT! Guess it makes up for the other three.
  12. Anyone planning on giving knives this Christmas? 2018, 2019 AND NOW! 2020!!!

    Knife envy. I want an ESEE now... must. not. spend. money.
  13. Anyone planning on giving knives this Christmas? 2018, 2019 AND NOW! 2020!!!

    A few Christmases ago, I bought some kitchen knives for myself. Some quick research pointed to Mercer Culinary as a solid, affordable choice. I ended up piecing together my own set from the Genesis line. They use German X50 Cr Mo V15 steel. They sharpen up really well and after two years of use...
  14. Anyone planning on giving knives this Christmas? 2018, 2019 AND NOW! 2020!!!

    Gave my father a Benchmade Proper last Christmas. He's always carried a traditional folder. No pocket clips for him. When he opened it I told him its not a screwdriver, as I know he really abuses his knives. Fast forward to last week, and I see the knife on his kitchen table when I was visiting...
  15. Knife 'STEELS'-N-DEALS thread!

    It was an older Zing, pre-speedsafe, when it was just a flipper. Not sure of the steel. I believe it was just the oils from my skin making the steel rust.
  16. Knife 'STEELS'-N-DEALS thread!

    If only I didn't make Kershaw stainless steel rust.
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