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  1. Unintended Consequences - New Autographed Copies

    The book Unintended Consequences is easily one of the best books ever written about guns. It is a part historical recounting of key gun laws in US and part fictional story of the government/ATF attempting to bootstrap the wrong people. If you look, there are old copies of this book for sale at...
  2. WC872 - 308/223 Dorking Around

    Throwing out a random question since it seems like shortly I will have a lot more time to play with loads in my back yard. I have a bunch of WC872. I also have a bunch of 50bmg reloading stuff but I don't have a 50bmg yet. So..... Anyone ever used WC872 in .308WIN or binary a .223 load...
  3. Couple who thought "Evil is a made up idea" murdered by Muslims

    I hadn't seen this, it happened a year ago, but YouTube video has some quotes from the people who actually killed them. The killers were interviewed this year. View: TLDR: A 29yo couple, vegan HUD worked and vegetarian college employee from DC, try to cycle...
  4. Explosion at Chinese Factory

    View: The detonation registered as a 2.2 earthquake and knocked out windows and collapsed roofs 2 miles away. Nitrogen compound levels highly out of even Chinese safety ranges as measured 10mi around ground zero. No word on...
  5. Monadnock Rod and Gun - We Need Your Help

    I am writing this post as a representative of MRGCI and asking for the help of the NES community. We have encountered a situation where a group of people are using local government in an attempt to attack our range. MRGCI, as recently reported, has a current case open with regards to a land...
  6. WTS WTS - 1992 Volvo 240 Wagon 5spd

    Location: Richmond, NH Price: $2000 Payment: Cash, money order, bank check or paypal. Description: Decent shape, fully driveable 1992 flying brick wagon. 210k miles. Just passed NH inspection this year. 5spd manual paired with the indestructsble I4. No seat tears or holes, the seats are in...
  7. Beekeeping

    Looking for guidance on starting beekeeping. We've got chickens now and I've got making syrup down so its time for the next learning experience. Anyone here have bees and can point me in a solid starting direction? I'm more of a buy once cry once guy.
  8. Forum Slow Today?

    Anyone else seeing a significant lag in this site, especially the Funny Pic thread today? Every other site is fine on my computer. My connection is 150mb down, 20mb up. I'm talking super lag. Typing way behind and any page with pics slow to load. Picture heavy threads also slow to load on my phone.
  9. Off Grid Hot Water - Solar Vacuum Tubes

    So, I started a chat with our resident off grid expert Gomer, but figured I should post a thread here. My wife's grandfather (hither to referred to as Gramps :)) is all about going off grid and installed a kit from Amazon linked below for a vacuum tube solar collector. Well, I saw him last week...
  10. NFA 1934 House Transcript

    I came across this while trying to find the actual voting records for congress when 1934 was passed and found it very interesting. It is a transcript of the Ways and Means committee taking testimony on the proposed NFA 1934 bill. It is pretty long, but the people talking will be of...
  11. Tent Sale - Low End

    Figured I would post this in case anyone was interested. Camping Maxx sent out an email that they are having a blow out sale on some lower end tents. Great deal if you have a boy scout troop or camp looking for options for kids. Four 3 person tents for $160. You have to call to get the deal.
  12. Poaching or Amazingly Stupid?

    You decide. Hunter in Norway shoots two Elk..... in Zoo. Hold my beer and watch this.
  13. AR10 Build

    I'm going to build an AR10. I really wanted to just buy a LaRue but I can't justify the price right now and be able to put nice glass on it after. So, I'm making a list here of what I'm thinking and I'd like some input. The goal is to keep this build around $1500 if possible without glass, $2000...
  14. Dept of Agriculture wants Submachineguns Is there really any doubt we're close to civil war?
  15. 5.11 Tacdry Rain Shell $50

    On sale for anyone looking for a great full waterproof rain shell. I own one and it's worth every penny...
  16. Storing Raisins

    Anyone have any experience storing raisins for more than a year? I keep a few small boxes for what we munch on within 6months and they keep nice, but I haven't tried long term.
  17. Wiseway Pellet Stove - Anyone Have One?

    Does anyone here in the NE have, or know someone who has a Wiseway pellet stove? I would really like to see one in person running.
  18. Ex-cop fires warning shot to scare attacking dogs - gets prosecuted.

    No good deed goes unpunished: What happened when I DIDN'T shoot my neighbor's dogs | Police State USA Rough summary: Ex-officer. His neighbor has two big dogs, they are fenced in and territorial, but never caused trouble other than barking at people who go by. Owner lost his wife recently and...
  19. 80yo Shot in Bed - WOD Strikes Again

    Police kill innocent 80-year-old man in his bed after claiming his house smelled like meth | Police State USA Score another huge victory for the war on drugs. Warrant for a meth lab, grandfather killed in bed, son in legal possession of marijuana arrested in separate building on property.
  20. WTS Prazi MD200 Metal Mini Lathe - Made in Germany - $450

    I have a Prazi multispeed MD200 Mini Lathe. Made in Germany. 1/6HP motor. Tailstock is Morse Taper 1. 3 Jaw chuck, ER16 collet chuck, dead center and other extras included. Like other German manufacturing products, using this lathe brings the words "built like a brick shithouse" to mind. It's...
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