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  1. Flammables Cabinet sold. Please delete.

    Small 2'x2'x2.5' Flammables storage cabinet. Has vent on back. Pickup in Belmont MA 20$ Has a lock, but no key.
  2. Bass Pro Spite Purchases... Let's support local Gun Shops. Post how your wallet is gonna talk.

    I think this is self explanatory.. Guns, ammo, scopes.. Let's show with our wallets how we will go elsewhere.
  3. She said she wanted a pet for v day.

    And lo and behold. The chimney gods provide. Getting ready to toddle off to bed. Hear a strange noise in the chimney. Make a quick, 2 glasses of v day wine decision to "I wonder that is clogging the blocked off chinmey." Well. Furry little reprobate led us on a 90minute tour of every...
  4. Blown Extractor on an M82A1

    Question for the NES brain Trusts.. Anyone here shoot the fitties? Relatively New M82.. Less than 100 rounds. Shooting Ball M33 and Hornady A-Max. Zeroing in new glass(well the same glass after I figured out why the mounting bolts kept slipping). Got a FTE(right as I got it zeroed.. Damn...
  5. 629 v-comp lockup issue

    greetings NES brain trust. Quick question regarding the lockup on a smith 629 revolver. It seems as through the little lockup tab under the cylinder is not easily seating into the cylinder slot for it. As of now. I'm going to send it back to smith to get fixed. I've a bunch of wheelgats...
  6. Garand Armorers class

    Greetings NES brain trust, Ok so I've been bitten by the garand bug. Are there any places or people who are the Mace Yoda Bruce Muhammad Lee Ali of all things garand? I just ask this as I'd like to know more than the you tube bubba patrols and or the little books I can find on Amazon...
  7. No more upper shipments to MA?

    I seriously apologize if this is a dupe. I went to order a complete upper for one of my already complete builds. And I notice that this particular vendor is no longer shipping to ma, or offering MA compliant uppers.. Has anyone else seen this since wednesday?
  8. Odd Magazine Restriction Stuff from Brownells

    Quick question.. I was ordering 9 round magazines and + 1 extensions and Brownells dinged the order. Has anyone else here had this problem?
  9. Best Lever action rifle in 44 mag

    I tried searching through the the forums for anything on this.. Not much there. Same goes for Googling this. I've looked at the Marlin and the Winchester(1892)... Does anybody have any specific loves and or hates? I'm stuck in MA, so any of the 14 round tube mag ones are right out.. Many...
  10. Man has License revoked after showing LTC to kids principal during discussion. There are many ways this dude could have done this better. But.. Seriously? Overreact much?
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