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  1. 226/229 mags

    A 226 mag will interfere with the 229 slide if the 229 in question requires a 229-1 magazine
  2. Ammo Shortage To Continue Until Summer 2021

    100% truth right here
  3. Ammo Shortage To Continue Until Summer 2021

    Not to mention the permitting involved with any possible expansion , expanding manufacturing also means adding component storage and supply numbers They’re not producing shoes , I’m sure the local zoning board and fire depts would have issues with any of these companies asking if they could...
  4. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Will it go into battery easily without a round in the chamber??
  5. The ammo shortage. A well thought out plan!

    You’ve apparently never worked in manufacturing , if you did you would understand how much is wrong with your statement what’s going on isn’t just limited to ammunition
  6. After market sight sizing

    The rear sight on the gun is not fixed , but the front sight is the front sight can be replaced but needs to be swedged on the inside with a special fixture and tool, to add To that Springfield uses a non standard post that’s exclusive to their pistols we install them on a regular basis at...
  7. Preferred replacement AR15 barrel

    FN CHF or Daniel defense CHF out of the hundreds of barrels I’ve installed these always get the best feedback and it’s also what I personally use on my rifles you can literally see the difference in initial quality of the FN barrels over just about every other barrel on the market
  8. Looking for shoot pits in NH, are there any in the Hampstead area?

    those days are not gone , again it happens in my neighborhood daily, they are shooting in the conservation land across from me literally every day
  9. Looking for shoot pits in NH, are there any in the Hampstead area?

    Depending on where in Hampstead you are the shooting you are hearing is literally right across the street from my house you’re welcome 😊
  10. Colt Vs SW

    You lost me at Sig Romeo 5 and the 1200 lumen light
  11. AR help - please :)

    awesome!!! 👍 I’m going to clean them out right now before they’re gone forever 😂
  12. AR help - please :)

    That's sort of what I was trying to check. If you mix up spring, buffer, stock tube length and gas system, you get funky dwell times, over gassing. Hangs. Locks, etc. Just measure everything and look and you will be fine. A miss gassed system will fire a few shots, but it will quickly get ahead...
  13. AR help - please :)

    Those were the best ones , but I believe they are discontinued By colt , haven’t seen them in stock for a long time now
  14. AR help - please :)

    I remember , Laura ... you don’t want to get into a gunfight against Laura 😂😂
  15. AR help - please :)

    I don’t know who it was , but in his defense decent parts are getting very hard to find these days and sometimes you don’t know you got sub par parts until it’s too late
  16. AR help - please :)

    Was I grumpy that day?? if so I apologize sometimes they beat me down as the day drags on 😂😂😂
  17. AR help - please :)

    one does work better , absolute fact if the problem persists Daniel Defense makes a .315 front pin upper which makes the cam pin unnecessary
  18. AR help - please :)

    I’m there 10-4 tomorrow
  19. AR help - please :)

    Peabody right on Rt 1 northeast arms
  20. AR help - please :)

    In a perfect world you want MPI and HP stamped on both the bolt and barrel
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