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  1. 2020 Antlerless Permits (MA)

    Got mine for Zone 7.
  2. Spring Turkey 2020

    That day will come!
  3. Spring Turkey 2020

    Tagged out for the spring season! Had a line of two toms and a few jakes cutting across the bottom of the field I was in, probably 75 yards below me. The entire field is on a slope. They didn’t respond to calling or the decoy I had out. Played it patient and sure enough they came back across...
  4. Spring Turkey 2020

    Got my first turkey today after the rains let up. Could have doubled up, but didn’t want the season to end on my first day out. Best part for me was being able to use my grandfather's shotgun while he's still with us and relaying the pictures and info to him.
  5. Porcupines

    medium sized trap. was not a happy skunk.
  6. Porcupines

    No porcupine story here - but I had an issue with something going after my chickens. Ended up getting a skunk in the hav-a-hart trap. That stunk.
  7. Grouse in Mass...?

    Would be great to have an established population around. I typically go up to Maine for grouse, however haven't been able to for the past few seasons. Problem is at least around here, is there isn't a ton of good habitat.
  8. 2019 Fishing Thread

    Finally got some free time and was able to get the wife & kids out on the boat to do some fishing. This particular spot (Big Alum) was about quantity vs quality of fish. More action keeps the kids attention. Lots of sub one pound bass. Kids lasted about two hours before getting restless. Fun...
  9. 2018 fishing tread

    Anyone doing the Lion's Club derby @ Quaboag next Saturday?
  10. "meat eater" on Netflix!

    Commute is thankfully too short to make podcasts worth it. As far as the website - I'll let someone else be the first to check it out.
  11. "meat eater" on Netflix!

    Well, finished up seasons 5, 6, and 7. Hope Netflix adds more.
  12. "meat eater" on Netflix!

    I found this show on netflix after I got rid of cable. The show is very well put together & Steve is a great host. It's interesting to see the hunts that don't always end up with meat in the freezer. Makes it a bit more relate-able, since every hunt doesn't end up with the trophy animal.
  13. 2018 fishing tread

    Hit Quaboag Pond early this morning. Beautiful morning, but slow fishing. I had one bass, one big old man had one bass, and my brother had two or three bass. Nothing above two pounds. Just glad to get out.
  14. 2014 Hunting Megathread

    I got my bolt .22 ready today for squirrel here in MA. Its a JC Higgins (Marlin 80DL) wearing a Weaver Classic 4X. Started getting ready for deer as well. Got the bow ready & set up a target in the yard. I put a new rifle sight slug barrel on my shotgun and that needs to be sighted in. My...
  15. Doe tag day today!!

    I got mine, Zone 7. My old man didn't get his for Zone 7.
  16. Fish pics

    Nice brookie.
  17. Fish pics

    Somewhere around 4.5 to 5 pounds. Caught it Saturday.
  18. Ticks 2014

    Pulled one off of my knee two days ago. I have no idea where I could have picked it up. Wasn't in the woods and didn't do any yardwork.
  19. Show me your Bird Guns!

    Nice to see you come out of hiding Roogah...and nice pic by the way. That gun is a beauty.
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