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  1. Where to find Pre 1994 MA legal 20+ round AR-10 mags?

    So I read through this and really no solution with converting available pre bans to work in SR25 pattern lower? I’m willing to hack up a FAL or an M14 if it’s doable (successfully done the Uzi to Colt 9mm conversions)
  2. 80 Percent Glocks (Polymer 80)

    for example, a hunting rig where you may well run into an EPO in the field.
  3. I am here to learn

    OP, show me on the doll where the 40S&W touched you
  4. AR10 build

    the practical benefit is "because." I don't need a reason for anything related to that upper unless my wife finds out how much it cost [rofl]
  5. AR10 build

    I have a variety of Faxon barrels, including a 308 and a 6.5creedmoor. That said, take a look at Windham Weaponry products as well.
  6. Primer Source

    did this ever materialize?
  7. What else can I do to improve?

    i have a Remi 700 in 300winmag. i'm fine with recoil but for the sake of consistent shooting i ordered a Witt Machine clamp on brake. maybe that would help ease your mind a little.
  8. What else can I do to improve?

    sorry to resurrect and oldie, but darth, how do you like the XPR? considering one in 270 wsm. fit and finish ok? trigger gritty? sounds like stick with low scope rings depending on scope. 270 isn't very sought after so in short times like these, projos stay available. (25-45 sharps is a...
  9. Chapter 140 section 131E - 3 more weeks till C&R takes effect

    yeah so CMP 1911s? pretty pretty pretty please???
  10. Nevada random shooting spree leaves 1 dead, 4 hurt; suspects arrested in Arizona

    hmm, two swing states under lawsuit of election fraud
  11. Deals and steals

    email them your LTC? worth a shot. usually that's the reason but there's no excuse for a chunk of plastic really.
  12. Deals and steals

    I just went through the process until right before purchase and it allowed it
  13. Deals and steals

    Since when? I just ordered stuff from there within the last two months
  14. Deals and steals
  15. ATF Admits No Legal Authority For Bump Stock Ruling

    just changed the words from this ATF case to reflect the exact same overreach in sh!tchusetts
  16. ATF Admits No Legal Authority For Bump Stock Ruling

    "The complaint states that since all legislative powers lie with Mass Legislature, Maura Healey, as a part of the executive branch, cannot reinterpret statutes to mean something else. Since the law regarding various "Assault Weapons" has not changed, AR-15's can’t be reclassified as Assault...
  17. What Generation is your Glock?

    what glock? i dont own any guns
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