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  1. How long has shipping ammo to Mass been outlawed??

    I guess I completely missed the boat on this one. Thanks to GOAL for keeping me safe! (sarcasm)
  2. Duxbury Police seize guns from old man DUXBURY — Police responding to a medical call ended up seizing 25 guns from a Congress Street homeowner, who wasn’t licensed to have them. Police were called to the home on Tuesday at about 3:20 p.m...
  3. Hingham man gets the full popo and metlec swat visit after posting on social media INGHAM — A 20-year-old Hingham man is facing more than two dozen gun charges after police and a SWAT team executed a search warrant at his home Wednesday morning. Julian J. Gilmartin, 20, of 6 West St. is facing 26...
  4. Improper storage a car?

    Am I missing something or do the storage laws apply while transporting? I didn't think they did or that a trigger lock would be in compliance with transportation laws. Drunk driving in the parking lot of the station is priceless. Weston police officer charged with OUI, improper gun storage
  5. Improper storage of a vehicle

    On the morning of Thursday, January 19, 2017, a Massachusetts Environmental Police officer responded to a complaint involving waterfowl hunters. Upon arrival to the scene, the officer observed four hunters aboard a vessel actively shooting at waterfowl while the vessel was underway. With...
  6. Healey's misleading or deceptive fundraising

    She's been on social media saying that the NRA is suing her and asks for help in the form of campaign donations. To me that's lying to gain support for her political campaign. I've read of people saying they have cancer (when they do not) and asking for donations. One man in CT was charged...
  7. Shooters, start your phones Sign up and make some calls to Hillary supporters!
  8. Finding Maura

    I'd think that folks would be up for protesting at any public appearances/press conferences/etc she has . Maybe start a thread for each to get the word out and show up to protest and generally be a pain in the ass for her. Anyone know Healy's schedule of appearances or how to get it? Thoughts?
  9. Suspension of open carry for RNC Thoughts?
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