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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Hope he likes it - two of my rifles thrive on SK Rifle Match. I kept refreshing the page after I ordered, from receiving the text alert (99+ in stock) to out was 14 minutes.
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I'd call it pricey, but not that bad in today's market. I bought Rifle Match back in Aug 2019 for 16.5/per. This order was 18/per.
  3. Red Dot Sight batteries

    Depends on how optimistic you are, and how much of a pain it is to change batteries. Ideally you would remove them, but if the sight requires rezeroing because it has to be removed to swap batteries I'd be sorely tempted not to and put that sight on a calendar based swap schedule.
  4. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    [rofl] I'll see your Garmin dealer, and raise you 24 years in the 104th Fighter Wing in avionics.
  5. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    If you get one, and need an avionics guy, I'm in. Will work for BRRRTTT........
  6. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    It is - and as mauser action rifles go, the Zastava M70 isn't crazy money. It's not the prettiest ever, but it's mostly the stock they didn't spend time on. Zastava USA doesn't import the 375, but they do import 458 Win Mags. I got the lefty from a shop on gunbroker that imports straight from...
  7. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    Well, if you ever find your self in very Western MA, and don't mind left hand rifles:
  8. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    The Blaser R8 Safari - a 375 H&H, left handed, straight pull, swap-barrel rifle. What's not to like?? Oh, yeah. $8300. That's not to like...
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    There's a couple on there now for $330 with 250 rounds of HM2 included. Neither is left handed, so have at 'em!! The last time I remember a serious 22LR shortage, I shot a lot of 17 HMR because it was available. I wonder if all the people who got into it then made it popular enough that it's...
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    That was the Prvi match 308, right? I've shot a couple hundred of them - it's good, but not quite Federal Gold Medal good in my rifle. It's also usually cheaper than GMM.
  11. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Out of curiosity, what does 'Shot Size #9P' translate to?? (not a shotgun guy...)
  12. Gun and ammo shortages

    #4 - "The underlying negative energy and anxiety among the people there." [rofl] I've been going to gun shows in MA since sometime in the early nineties. Never noticed any negative energy and anxiety - until the Air Guard sent me to Tucson for a couple months in 2002. Went to an AZ gun...
  13. Why do people want to see an LTC for a pre-ban mag deal?

    Nope. Only thing they restrict is firearms (Federal definition), not parts and accessories. CFR Title 27 Sec. 478.29
  14. Guns you find cool just not at their price point

    Every transferrable full auto.
  15. G19 vs Sig P320c

    I don't have any rolls either, so I made you a nice Sig and Cheese sandwich on bread instead. :D Lunch aside, the P239 is the only Sig I've really liked, and it's only not quite as huge as the rest of them. The P232 would have been a nice size, if it were a 9mm instead.
  16. Holsters, holsters everywhere

    I've never worried about the muzzle being open. Any dirt that makes it uphill into the bore isn't going to affect anything, I believe. Where my CCWs have picked up dust and lint has been on the top of the pistol - in other words on the back of the slide. Hammer pistols like a P239 are really...
  17. Holsters, holsters everywhere

    Todd is correct - buy an actual gunbelt. Makes a huge difference in comfort with any holster. It was said at least twice above but let me reiterate, don't be surprised if you can't find the perfect holster first time out. This is like buying shoes: Yes, the features are interesting, and some...
  18. Deals and steals

    If you're not setting up a rifle for night vision use, don't waste your money on IR lasers and illuminators like that Holosun.
  19. Cooper Scout Rifle Theory

    I'd agree. I'm not sure that a true 1x LVPO with an illuminated reticle isn't a better option than a EER scope out past the receiver. It certainly isn't technology that was available when the Scout concept was being worked out. It does give you access to run stripper clip reloads, if your...
  20. Cooper Scout Rifle Theory

    If you want to try that with a much better optic instead of the historically accurate one, try BadAce Tactical for the mount with a Leopold 2.5x scout scope. I put one on an M24/47 a little while ago, and it is a lot of fun. Mount replaces the rear sight, so no permanent modification.
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