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  1. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    100% agree with this. I have dots on a number of my "range toys"; my carry guns are all iron sights.
  2. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    I didn't chrono them. I'm running my reloads, and they make power factor in everything I've got, from my G34 down to my G48 and G43. They've all passed equipment checks. If you're talking about accuracy, they're the same - they're both as inaccurate as I am. Shooting red dot, I can see...
  3. Here's Where Kamala Harris Stands on Gun Control

    “We need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, starting with universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapon ban, but they have failed to have the courage to act.” Whenever I see "reasonable gun ... laws" or "commonsense gun laws" I know the rest is going to be bullshit.
  4. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    Went to Trijicon's site, filled out their form and got a prompt response from them. They sent me a RMA and a UPS call tag. Along with that, the tech recommended that I take the cap off, remove the ORing and try it again. If that worked - then the cap hadn't been properly seated with the...
  5. Why is .357 Sig the redheaded stepchild of handgun ammunition?

    .357Sig is one of the handgun calibers I reload. It's an interesting round. My G31 (.357Sig) is very close in size to my G17 (9mm). The G31 is louder, has more recoil and is generally "less pleasant" to shoot than the G17. The rounds are more difficult to reload, because of the...
  6. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I'm going to add .45 to the pistol calibers I load, so I picked up some .45 brass from the range yesterday morning. Brought it home, tumbled it and sorted out the small primer brass and the damaged brass. Ended up with 102 usable pieces.
  7. My buddy Dave

    Best wishes for your buddy, that's awful. Guy next door is a Coast Guard rescue swimmer and instructor. I've learned a little bit about of what the Coast Guard does from talking to him. It's an honorable service.
  8. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    My thoughts exactly.
  9. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    I'm shooting FL State IDPA Saturday. So, I'm just putting my gear together and the Trijicon SRO on my Glock 34, (my competition gun), has no red dot. It worked fine yesterday when I was at the range, and this morning when I was dryfiring it. WTF? Change the battery - nope. Change the battery...
  10. now i have a real dilemma, whadda think?

    Do you have any interest in a .44 Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk in not quite perfect condition? By not quite perfect, I mean it's almost perfect, probably 95% or so. Stainless steel, I'd have to measure the barrel, it's around 6 or 7 inches. I have ammo to go with it, ranging from cowboy...
  11. Going to pull bullets on some bad powder reloads....need advice.

    If you're going to use that hammer for 250 rounds, you might want to put earplugs in. Seriously.
  12. Ruger PC-9 Carbine and Preban Glock Mags

    I have two of them, one in CT in CT legal configuration, the other in GA with free state configuration. They both run any Glock mags I want to drop into them. The charging handle and the mag release are designed so that you can swap them from side to side. I swapped the charging handles to...
  13. Grab and go - 10 round pmag storage options

    if it's truly grab and go - put them in an ammo box. I have one in my truck with half-a-dozen 10 round PMags in it. If you want your mags to be in a carrier, consider buying the 10round mags in 30round form, (cripples).
  14. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I just replaced all of the 4' fluorescent shop lights in my garage with 4' LEDs. The difference is dusk and day. Amazing how bright it is in there now.
  15. **UPDATED - gun replaced**. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast.

    No, his Dan Wesson .357 is back, and the pictures of it are beautiful. Go see his other thread about the disaster with his CZ whatever the fck it is, (I don't know CZ's other than the Drake 20GA I have).
  16. Feel good customer service

    Tax collector, right? My bank mailed a check for my property taxes on my camper in Connecticut to the town it's located in back in December. I called the tax collector's office because I could see that the check hadn't been cashed. Lady I talked to looked up my taxes, and agreed that my...
  17. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Cloud Defensive Rein light with remote switch on my DDM4A1. Light on right, switch on top. Mounted the light with a Thornhill Adaptive Offset, so that the light is tucked in closer. EDITED to add pictures.
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