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  1. Suppressor on a bolt action?

    From C.269 S.10A If read under the theory that the definitions from S.121 do not carry over from C.140 to C.269, then I see the terms 'any gun...or other firearm' as broad enough to prohibit a silencer on a rifle. If read under the theory that the definitions from S.121 do carry over from...
  2. form 1

    You send your CLEO a copy of the application form, not the tax stamp. If you look at the linked above Form 1, the PDF has 3 copies - ATF, Registant and CLEO. That satisfies the ATFs requirement that you notify your CLEO. Your CLEO no longer has to approve the application before it goes to...
  3. SBR question now that things are getting more and more precarious

    Oh.... You must mean a .22 exclusion to SBR law in MA.
  4. Fatal Bicycle Crash Under Investigation in Arlington

    Try this .pdf from FLETC - S. Dakota v Opperman is the core of it from the Supreme Court, but that training doc...
  5. Fatal Bicycle Crash Under Investigation in Arlington

    You're missing the legal shell game... Correct, inventory is not a search. I was performing an inventory of the vehicles contents in accordance with department policy to ensure the contents of the vehicles accountability when it goes to the tow yard (not searching, inventorying), and damned if...
  6. Making an SBR on a new lower?

    I'm not surprised that the ATF eventually started ignoring the drivel coming out of the AGs office. After all, what Mauron is saying is that the ATF interpreted the AWB wrong for all those years. Nobody wants to listen to that.
  7. Armslist ship to door

    Yes - it's reason #5 or #6 why you need a C&R. If you check UPS's shipping tariff, licensed collector is on the list of acceptable shippers. Fedex ground isn't as useful - won't do handguns at all, will accept collector but not to an individual...
  8. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    Just above the barrel, sticking forward from the front sight housing is a bayonet lug, attached to the cleaning kit tube that fits inside the rifle. Pull out and toss.... If you look at the MA/NJ compliant version Atlantic is selling, it's not there. If I really wanted to keep the...
  9. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    After pinning/welding the muzzle device and throwing the bayonet lug away, sure. Could cut the lug off the cleaning kit if it was really important to your friend. Example: No shortage of cheap preban mags for those type rifles.
  10. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    As far as the feature count goes, there's also a bayonet lug on the pictured CETME. The good news is it's removable, as the issue cleaning kit is behind it inside the top tube. CETME Bayonet Lug and Cleaning Kit
  11. 80% lower

    Oh, agreed. The fire CMRs, (which are now written by reasonable people living in states that aren't Massachusetts) don't necessarily match MA definitions. We did catch a little bit of a break that Section 121 flat out tells us where the definitions apply, only in C140 S121-131q, inclusive.
  12. 80% lower

    Confusing mess, isn't it? I'll admit I laughed when I read "So the law clearly states..." I do disagree with your premise here. A license under C140 S122 is a MA gun dealers license, not an LTC/FID holder. LTCs and FIDs are issued under C140 S131. It's a confusing mess, but to start...
  13. MA gun laws poster

    "REQUIRED ANNUALLY BY LAW" "The licensing authority may not prescribe any other condition for the issuance of a firearm identification card and shall, within 40 days from the date of application, either approve the application and issue the license or deny the application..." - Two for one sale...
  14. MA Resident Purchasing M1 Garand From CT Resident

    What makes me both giggle, and feel disgust for firearms law in the more oppressive states is that the transaction would be legal at an FFL in NH. FOPA would cover the CT resident travelling through MA with the rifle, and NH doesn't require permits for this transaction. [thinking]
  15. MA Resident Purchasing M1 Garand From CT Resident

    Is this because of CT state law? Not real familiar with the legalities down south...
  16. GLOCK Modifications

    Damn fast. Looks like he's using his support thumb on the ejection port to pull the slide back off the slide lock?? I'm going to have to try it. I like the Glock extended lock better than the standard, but not enough difference to replace them. It's a little easier for my thumb to feel...
  17. Purchase while delayed? Weird situation.

    Called in depends on the accuracy of the clerk on the other end of the line. I would assume that if one of the entries they made didn't match what's in the computer, it was kicked to delayed until it was checked out. They don't pay those people to think, or make decisions.
  18. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    He's probably so excited by this he's wetting himself, gonna sell a ton of new editions because "everything's changed!!!"
  19. Latest police interpretation of MA Firearms transfer laws/regulations

    Sounds great. So, what are you doing after work??
  20. Preban SBR

    Not, strictly speaking,an exact copy - the MA AWB only calls out 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(30). The federal definitions of rifle and SBR are in 18 U.S.C. section 921(a)(7) and (8). Whether those definitions are implied by calling out only (30) isn't going to be decided without MA case law...
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