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  1. A m44 for elk season

  2. 'Throne Down': Over 60 Latin King Gang Members Arrested in Mass.

    Good job now they need to just do it every week for a few years.
  3. Gun trust???

    Been thinking of creating a gun trust for the ease of property conveyance upon my death. My wife does not have LTC and kids too young. I don’t have NFA firearms so this is just for typical firearms. Figured on naming a couple buddies as trustees so that can take them, use them, sell them etc...
  4. IWI US bringing back Jericho 941 in 2015

    I have the steel version in .45. I think it’s the cats ass.
  5. What’s your deer slug gun of choice? (Ma only)

    870 with rifled barrel and slug. Add red dot and blamo you got a sweet deer set up.
  6. what does WTS/WTT stand for in the classifieds?

    Leave... just leave now....
  7. Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter about the recent shootings.

    He was right before he was wrong.
  8. Oh boy, Seth Moulton for President???

    That dude couldn’t shit his pants right..
  9. Springfield TRP 6” 10mm

    Just got My TRP back from Springfield. The invoice said they re-cut and polished the feed ramp and adjusted the extractor. Hopefully it runs well now. Looks like I have to head to the range.
  10. My new ringtone!

    Sounds like my wife if she thinks I’ve been drinking too much
  11. Man sets himself on fire near White HouseA man lit himself on fire near the White House on Wednesday

    Now if we can just convince a few more... Hopefully it will catch on.
  12. Scored a Unicorn, B&T APC9SD

    Take my money
  13. A Folding Glock 19 MD3

    That looks like a disaster.
  14. Springfield TRP 6” 10mm

    I agree. Here is mine.
  15. Springfield TRP 6” 10mm

    Got an RMA from Springfield. We'll see how that goes.
  16. Looking for a roofer on the North Shore

    I agree. Jack did my roof and matched competitors price. They hand nail everything.
  17. Springfield TRP 6” 10mm

    I agree. I think the extractor tension may be the culprit as it feeds fine the first five rounds (when the mag spring is under more pressure). My problem consistently happens in rounds 6-8. At this point the mag spring pressure is less and may have trouble pushing the bullet case past the...
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