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  1. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    I'm shooting FL State IDPA Saturday. So, I'm just putting my gear together and the Trijicon SRO on my Glock 34, (my competition gun), has no red dot. It worked fine yesterday when I was at the range, and this morning when I was dryfiring it. WTF? Change the battery - nope. Change the battery...
  2. A Wilder Christmas with a BB Gun; aka "The Bear"

    Marvelous story of days gone by:
  3. another use for those ammo cans...

    Just glued in the transitions for the new floor, and needed something to weigh them down while the glue sets... That's my son in the second picture; I'm a lot older than that.
  4. gunz r bad, even fake ones
  5. Who's not Fcking around? NFAC leader arrested.
  6. Michael Seeklander - 9 things I've learned

    Just read this, and it hit home in a couple of places - food for thought:
  7. Sig recall; cross bolt action rifles; 11/26/2020
  8. LCIDPA Sua Sponte Match; some days you just win.

    Low Country IDPA club shoots a "Sua Sponte" match each year. It's a fundraiser for Rangers, (Home | Sua Sponte Foundation). This year was the 11th year we've had the match and I think the fourth time I've been to it. I'll try to be somewhat brief - but there's a lot that goes into this...
  9. 80% tourniquet; Poly80/Rob Pincus/Skinny Medic @ Big Daddy Epic Shoot 2020

    Big Daddy Unlimited put on their Epic Shoot 2020 this past weekend, and it was at my local club - 17South in Fleming Georgia. BDU brings together manufacturers and "media influencers" so that the media influencers can see the new products and make videos of them for their audiences. Last year...
  10. Brass rat tip: "GSSF"

    Glock Sport Shooting Foundation is a marketing exercise run by Glock. They bring their staff, targets and rules to your range and run a very specific match. Somewhat similar to Steel Challenge, the stages are constant. When you shoot a GSSF match, you know exactly what the course of fire...
  11. GA resident weapons permit renewal

    Dropping this in New England Gun Laws forum only because I don't see a better place. There are lots of threads posted about the renewal process, particularly in Massachusetts; here's a link to a popular thread: How long did your LTC-A take in your town??? I offer for comparison my wife's and...
  12. Lt General Elect of North Carolina - Mark Robinson

    Ladies and Gentlemen - it is my distinct pleasure to post this link: Partial transcript of Mr. Robinson addressing his city council, (Greensboro), in 2018...
  13. Interesting experience w/Lyman

    I use Lyman Quick Shot as a case lube. Can started getting light, so I bought some through Amazon. Three weeks later it hadn't shown up so I cancelled my order and went directly to Lyman's site. Put in an order there for two cans. That was on September 23rd. On Thursday October 8th I...
  14. PCC

  15. This past weekend - GA State IDPA match

    Miscellaneous thoughts from this weekend's GA State IDPA match. I mostly shoot tier 1 matches, (local), I've shot (and worked) a couple of Tier-2 matches, and previously shot two State level matches. I shot MA State IDPA at Woburn, nicely run by @ddraper, last year - he had to cancel it this...
  16. GA man shoots down utility company drone

    I can't wait to hear his explanation
  17. Some assembly required

    Stripped G17 Gen4 upper from Ebay; parts from the parts bin. Took it to the range afterwards and it runs fine.
  18. Removing Glock magazine baseplates

    I picked up this tool from Amazon a while back, it really does make the task simple.
  19. Take the gun lock off and load your gun; better yet - stay in your damn car

    Guy got exactly what he deserved. Sounds like he had a really bad day fishing, before it got even worse. PSGWSP.
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