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  1. 80% lower machining dilemma..

    As others have said, .005 isn't going to affect anything in that application. At least you're using decent calipers. [thumbsup]
  2. Polymer80 build

    Good time for a quarantine build.
  3. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Sooooo want to build a .458
  4. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Are you looking to convert an existing fixed mag lower? Or looking to use a standard lower and build it as a 9mm? Endomag makes a 9mm insert for use in a standard 5.56/.223 pmag.
  5. Polymer80 build

    Anyone notice a difference in grip geometry between the 940C (readymod) and 940CL??? The front strap of the C (readymod) seems to have a flat section which makes the grip feel very blocky. The CL has a large radius on the front strap, which overall gives the grip a much more natural feel IMO...
  6. Polymer80 build

    Haha[rofl]. Didn't oil my guide rod. Rusty scissors is an accurate assessment of the sound.
  7. Polymer80 build

    Something to note: When adding an Agency Syndicate polymer magwell to a pf940c, it will cause u-notch G19 mags to no longer catch. There is interference with the base plate and magwell. Square notch should not be a problem. Also, ETS 10rd mags work fine. The magwell was orignally purchased for...
  8. Polymer80 build

    Now for the fun part. 17 slide? 34 slide? Ported? Comp? RMR cut? .22LR conversion? Internals? Initially I was thinking 17 w/ported barrel, possibly RMR cut. But if I find a .22LR conversion for cheap enough....that'll get me going while giving more time for picking 9mm components and decide on...
  9. Polymer80 build

    So did you get your shipping update yet? [laugh][rofl]
  10. Polymer80 build

    Sorry about not giving the source! I should re-read my late night posts!!!
  11. Polymer80 build

    I see the PF940CL is 50% off right now & there's a coupon code for free shipping as well. :D
  12. Polymer80 build

    See they’re releasing single stack frames soon?
  13. Polymer80 build

    Honestly, I was planning to shit-can it.
  14. Polymer80 build

    Just to follow up with the issues I was having with FTF/FTE & *presumably* the barrel.........Swapped to a factory Glock barrel put ~200 rounds through it without issue. FTF/FTE cleared up.[thumbsup]
  15. Polymer80 build

    Ordered a new factory Glock barrel & recoil spring/guide rod. We'll see how she runs now...
  16. Polymer80 build

    So I tried to clean up the barrel lug where the recoil spring sits. Tried to relieve the corner some to have the guide rod sit where it should. Racking the slide by hand still causes the guide rod to slide down away from where it should sit, parallel to the barrel. But anyway - Just came back...
  17. Polymer80 build

    I didn’t think you were trashing them at all. I just wanted to be clear where I was coming from. We have a habit of grabbing the torches and pitchforks a bit soon. LOL. Might be a good opportunity to swap to a threaded barrel if I can’t get this one to run correctly.
  18. Polymer80 build

    I purchased direct from one of their suppliers - wasn’t through LW. It’s been awhile since I purchased the barrel so I’m not going to bother. I’m not trashing LW at all - this very well may have been part of a “contract overrun”.
  19. Polymer80 build

    Mine was mfg at one of their suppliers in MA.
  20. Polymer80 build

    I would say that's correct!
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