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  1. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    40 year old ammo isn’t old at all
  2. Look what I found

    I remember buying that and the silver box stuff for $2 a box 😂🤣
  3. Target Sports USA prices up

    I talking on the manufacturing and distribution level , I’m trying to stock my store and 9mm ammo is being allocated to salesmen because of the shortage , I had to order from 4 distributors today what I normally order from one people who own ranges are taking a big hit right now because they...
  4. Target Sports USA prices up

    9mm is in short supply from all the distributors and manufacturers , I tried to order 20k rounds on Friday and keep getting the “it’s getting difficult to get and keep in stock and prices are rising” from all my vendors 5.56 and 45 prices are also ticking up with 5.56 starting to become short...
  5. Target Sports USA prices up

    ammo is going up across the board , the first to run out will be the first to increase their prices the slow rise in prices has been going on for about 3 months now at the distribution level , distribution is always the best price predictor as they will always go dry first
  6. 10mm bear ammo question

    Yup pumps , not sure what they are all using brand wise , knowing them probably the cheapest shotgun theycan get their hands on last time I saw my buddy in Skagway about 2 years ago he had a 870 express magnum mounted on his mule
  7. 10mm bear ammo question

    I’m going to start off by saying I’m a huge fan of 10mm , I’m also very familiar with big brown bears considering I’ve lived in may parts of the country where they hang out, I personally would not rely on a autoloadimg 10mm pistol Grizzly bears can’t be clumped into one category, especially in...
  8. 9mm carry ammo

    In my G19 I use 124gr speer gold dots...
  9. Anywhere I can get +P 9mm JHP?

    I was there yesterday and they also had cor bon and winchester PDX1 +P 9MM on the shelf....Gotta love CCG, everything 4 seasons has for the same price, or at this point cheaper, minus the obnoxious crowds and counter help
  10. 7.62 NATO "battle packs"

    All privi partizan ammo is manufactured in Serbia...I figured that was a no brainer It is decent stuff, I've shot quite a bit of it without incident
  11. 7.62 NATO "battle packs"

    the lot number on 1&2 is different than photo # 3
  12. American Tactical "NATO" Ammunition

    I have seen a lot of 150 gr stuff advertised as NATO SPEC but who knows what the hell they are loading them with.......and I know they (150's) exist because I have loaded them before
  13. American Tactical "NATO" Ammunition

    As far as I know NATO 7.62x51 is 147 gr not 150gr...also check the rim of the cartridge if there is no NATO cross there it is not NATO spec or approved....My guess is that it is crap ammo, I tried a box of the M855 62gr 5.56 and it was horrible, There is some winchester 7.62x51 white box stuff...
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