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  1. MA Bobcat season opens today

    you owe me a new, full afternoon coffee hahhah
  2. MA Bobcat season opens today

    Anyone understand what makes these so special they HAVE to be checked in person? Is it so they can hide the presence of mountain lions if someone shot one of those mistakenly?
  3. Coyote, Night and Day

    I have been talking with a big time coyote hunter lately after he posted a pic of a fixed mag, 6.8SPC for night hunting. He has had run ins with EPOs. They have had a notification that the law does NOT say 38 special, but 38 caliber. He has not had his firearm nor hunting license confiscated...
  4. 100% online hunter ed has that also. much better than going 18 consecutive tuesdays for 37 minutes each visit.... "taken in any state or Canada is valid in any state or Canada"
  5. Sabot Shooters

    Haven't tried those, but as sparkey said, your gun won't like every brand. Mine loves the Hornady's and shoots like dog crap on the Remington Copper Solids, but my friends shoots the Remi's great and the Hornady's terribly. you gotta try em.
  6. Beginner bow for 10 yr old, advice please.

    I got my wife set up with a Mission Craze at KTP when we lived out that way. I dont remember exactly but $400 or less and its a fully adjustable bow both draw length and poundage (24-30" maybe lower length, id have to look, and 15-70 pounds). You kid could grow with a bow along those lines.
  7. Large Cage Traps - continued

    tractor supply ETA: pittsfield at least
  8. Coyote, Night and Day

    i agree. but the knuckleheads under the golden asylum aren't smart enough to figure it out.
  9. Coyote, Night and Day

    I'd like to see language to exclude IR lights used with night vision from the definition of artificial light. Something like this: "The use of artificial light is prohibited, except for the use of Infrared light."
  10. Night Hunting Coyote Options

    ive seen those and the Sig version. The issue i come up with is that there is an backlighting effect. I've also read and been told the clarity isn't great with those. more like a blob on the screen.
  11. Night Hunting Coyote Options

    considered chambered larger than "38 caliber" which clearly means 38 special (which is what it has been construed to mean). this wasn't really meant to be a question of feasibility but more of a thought-provoker on franken-guns. The 30 carbine is a cool item. The other aspect of this is that...
  12. Night Hunting Coyote Options

    AR (in 223 at least) is no go
  13. Night Hunting Coyote Options

    Probably could be in the firearms forum but its hunting related. Move if necessary. So bear with me as i talk this one out. Seeing the Remington 700 bolt action pistol got me thinking about 38 special and thermal scope combo for night hunting coyotes...
  14. New to hunting. Never been.

    shotgun season the only thing you need is really really really bright orange. and LOTS of it. i means TONS of orange. still probably wouldnt hurt to wear some armor if you have it.
  15. 2019 MA Turkey Season

    me and my friend get the same guys from CT coming to our calls every year. for 5 years. i know im no calling pro.
  16. Bear hunting in MA/NH?

    you can use a 50BMG on bear if you want. The caliber has to be above 22 cal. other than that, no restrictions.
  17. AR pistol @ night (MA)?

    IR is considered by this lovely state as artificial, so its a no go at night. Would have to be thermal, or a nightvision set up that doesnt rely on IR. and 357 is "over 38 special" so thats a no go at night also. (it is below 38 caliber, we all know that, the way they enforce it, they treat...
  18. Mass hunters blew the old record away. Again.

    sadly some of the zone 2 deer were definitely taken illegally. during bow season i heard atvs bombing around (on state land) and shooting intermittently, so i assume trying to spook em up then blasting em. its a known group of knuckleheads too. i would assume their proud harvest pictures have...
  19. Experienced smokepole operators

    Traditions Vortek here (hammered). If you are looking for accuracy, have you tried loose powder? I know its not as easy as dropping 2 or 3 pellets down the pike but you can tweak it just the same as chasing an accurate centerfire load.
  20. Best Caliber for New England Deer Hunting?!

    In the hunting world, that's called "Hillary Clinton-ing" a deer.
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