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  1. DP12

    Great gun. Solid build. Very well built. With slugs, both barrels were a bit off at 50 yards ~5-6”, you could double mag dump quite quick. But reloading fast was out of the question.
  2. 12.7 x 42mm aka .50 beowulf?

    Cabellas up here in Scarborough has a ton on the shelf last time I was in...
  3. Police training glock question

    This is what you are talking about? I think simunition is slide only.
  4. Who has shot one? Shotguns DP-12 & KS-12T

    Is the tavor ts12 ma happy? Hi dimples.
  5. Who has shot one? Shotguns DP-12 & KS-12T

    Had a Dp12. Nice gun, solid buil. Totally impractical to reload quick. Both barrels didnt track quite tight with slugs(4” off at 50 yards). the ksg was more practical, but where it ejected the shells, right on my wrist, gave me s hematoma every time. Ended up selling both. I run my mossy...
  6. "Sovereign Citizen” Busted on Charges Related to Domestic Terrorism

    There are like 4 different explosives you can make out of that crap. Anarchist cookbook bullshit that will have you counting to less than ten on your hands real quick.
  7. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Severity is inoculation dependent. Flu study from 2015 as the covid data is new.
  8. Called out for not wearing a mask

    My sister is a long hauler. She got it back in feb. she clocked 8min mile runs prior. She did get a very heavy innoculation of the virus by a restaurant worker(no mask policy)(was a huge outbreak source).
  9. Called out for not wearing a mask Article on the long haulers.
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Saw this gem.
  11. Maine Gun Clubs

    Is anyone here a current ,member of Scarborough fish and game? My company won't let me leave the state.. I am in need of a sponsor.. Many thanks! Dave
  12. New Maine Resident

    Quick question. I am up in South Portland and need a sponsor for Scarborough Fish and game. I’d be happy to go over my background. many thanks Dave
  13. Non-Res MA LTC after moving to NH

    If i have a business in ma. Does that qualify me for a resident ltc?
  14. Flammables Cabinet sold. Please delete.

    Small 2'x2'x2.5' Flammables storage cabinet. Has vent on back. Pickup in Belmont MA 20$ Has a lock, but no key.
  15. So when it comes to picking who gets care and who does not ....

    And if you’re an R that doesn’t get care and you die. You’ll then start voting D.
  16. Charlie Activates the National Gaurd

    I am exempt. So i get to commute to work through this crap. Lovely.
  17. Tavor x95/bent bullet.

    Check the mag feed lips. I had mags that were waaay out of spec.
  18. More police protecting and serving

    That was painful to watch. She had an issue using force. That dingdong almost got her gun. Poor training and no backup.
  19. Sinaloa Cartel Spanks Mexican Police

    The cartels can afford that more than the Mexican Gov.
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