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  1. Waterfowl 2020/21

    One last drake for me this season. I’m done. He came in solo to my decoy spread floating on a stiff breeze.
  2. Going to pull bullets on some bad powder reloads....need advice.

    I see what you mean, where each of those cases did not go through the resizing die again after I'd pull all those squibs. All the "redone" rounds went through my Colt competition and at least a few of my Lugers just fine though. Learned my lesson and hopefully I'll never have to test the...
  3. Anyone heard of "MaxxTech" Brass 9mm?

    I’ve tossed lots of those across the room in anger while at the reloading bench. That’s what I get for picking up discarded 9mm brass by the buckets-full. After a while you get to recognize that headstamp and toss it before hilarity ensues.
  4. 22 or shotgun for rabbit?

    If you're going to stalk and bump bunnies with anything other than a scattergun, you've got to be at the ready and Johnny friggin' Lightning with your shots. It's doable but you've got to know what lead you need to take and chances are you're not going to get a clean, quick kill shot...
  5. Any Norinco AK experience?

    My worthless opinion: It looks sweet. I own a MAK90 with original chicom wood and I prefer to keep it that way, but if I ever build an AKM I think I'd do something like that just for the tacticool factor. Good job.
  6. 45 slide damaged need ideas

    That’s a head-scratcher. I can’t imagine the hammer would have enough inertia to do anywhere near that kind of damage if it were able to fall while the slide was out of battery. ETA: Here you go...
  7. Going to pull bullets on some bad powder reloads....need advice.

    Early last year I made 200 something 9mm on my SDB before realizing the hopper wasn’t seated correctly on the flaring die. Result was vastly inconsistent charges from no powder to just enough to make a round plop out the muzzle. I pulled all of them with the kinetic puller and what a PITA it...
  8. Waterfowl 2020/21

    What a fun morning on the tidal river. Whipping wind and pouring rain, missed two black ducks but downed two Mergansers.
  9. Called out for not wearing a mask

    You spelled Ashli Babbitt's name wrong in your sig line. ;)
  10. How much ammo per caliber have you managed to stock up?

    Lets just say I'm comfortable with what I'm sitting on but I could always use more.
  11. 2021 MA State IDPA Championship Update

    Stinks, but as always safety comes first. Thanks for your hard work in the sport Dave!
  12. 22 or shotgun for rabbit?

    I hunt SNK for pheasant (usually with friends who have dogs) but never rabbit. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever even seen a rabbit out there. Maybe. I get my ORV sticker there every year (I stopped buying Dennis stickers once Chapin was pretty much closed all the time) and for pheasant hunting...
  13. Waterfowl 2020/21

    Figured out a great spot for high tide near my house and promptly missed a few black ducks!
  14. What have you seen lately?

    A CCI .22 Quiet to the eye at about 30 yards gets the job done today.
  15. Waterfowl 2020/21

    I love it. It took over the role of my waterfowl gun several years back after I decided to retire the 11-87 to a backup gun. My only gripe about the SX4 is the trigger pull but it’s really not that bad.
  16. Your New Knife!

    Picked this up for $63 which is well below MSRP and it looks unused. Kershaw Launch 8. Very quick, locks up tight, razor sharp and super light!
  17. Massachusetts deer season coming to an end.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve run into you somewhere or other. Life-long Cape Codder here. ;)
  18. Massachusetts deer season coming to an end.

    Got some in the freezer from group hunt during early shotgun so I’m happy. I still haven’t fired a shot since two seasons ago where I killed two in one day. Looking forward to duck (coastal zone).
  19. What have you seen lately?

    Handsome hide too!
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