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  1. FOR SALE P-38

    I have a P-38 that has been in the back of the safe for way to long, like to sell to someone that would appreciate it. It is a P-38 made in April 1944 is in good condition I don't know too much about it except it was made at the SPREEWERK plant all the serial numbers are matching even the...
  2. WTS MAS 49/56 Magazines & 50 rounds 7.5 AMMO

    I have TWO French Magazines for the MAS 49/56 Rifle for sale. still in the arsenal re-issued plastic. 10 rounders each in 7.5 cal. Just Added 50 rounds of French 7.5 Mas Ammo in plastic ammo case. Will ship USPS priority mail to lower 48. All rules followed. 2 Magazines, ammo and free...
  3. SOLD WTB Sig 365 XL

    Looking to buy a Sig 365 XL with or without a Romeo Zero red dot sight. Cash or can trade have lots to choose from. Found one, all set
  4. WTB Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight

    REMOVE Found one Looking to buy New or Good condition Vortex Venom Red Dot sight 3moa Have mount and cash in hand Dan Long [email protected]
  5. Beretta Magazines for sale Mdl. 71

    I have hard to find 3 Beretta model 71 magazines for sale Fits the Model 71 22 cal. Beretta all 3 for #125.00 free shipping lower 48 states These 22 cal. pistols are being sold by Classic firearms and a few other online retail sellers but without the magazines. Here's your chance to pick up 3...
  6. WTB Sig 229 in 40 cal.

    Looking for a Sig 229 in 40 cal. Found one, Thanks
  7. Green Again

    I can't believe I forgot to renew on time. But I'm back Dan
  8. Beretta Refurbishing?

    Does anyone know if Beretta or anyone else does complete refurbishing of 92D pistols ?
  9. selling off C&R rifles & pistols

    Where is a good gun store to go to to sell off my C & R collections of rifles & pistols. close to Boston area. Thanks Dan Long
  10. Looking to join a gun club on cape cod.

    Anyone have a recommendation for a gun club to join on the cape. mostly pistol shooting. And in the Dennis - Yarmouth area. Thanks Dan Long
  11. 38 Special Short

    Does anyone know if the ammo I saw listed as 38 cal. Special Short lead round nose can be fired safely in a regular 38 special revolver.? Never heard of this ammo. Maybe something new ? Thanks, Dan Long, Boston, MA.
  12. New Change of Address form

    There is a new change of address form from FRB. You must still send copies to the police dept. via certified mail. But, you can call the FRB with your change of address. One less certified mail to send out. The new form is online for download at the FRB web site. Dan Long Boston, MA.
  13. 2013 MA. State Indoor Pistol Championship

    Congratulation to Greg Derr for Winning the 2013 Indoor Pistol Championship held this past Sunday Oct 27th 2013 at the Sharon Fish & Game Club in Sharon. Greg beat out 53 other shooter to come in first place. Great Shooting Greg. Here are the results of the match. Dan Long TOURNAMENT RESULTS...
  14. Pheasant Hunt

    Just had one of the best times of my life Pheasant hunting at Addiville East Farms in RI. This was an European Bird Hunt. My buddy and I each shop 16 birds.
  15. MA State Indoor Pistol Championship, Bullseye

    The Sharon Fish & Game Club just held the 2012 Massachusetts Indoor State Pistol Championship on Oct 28, 2012 We had 55 shooters show up and shoot the 90 shots at 25 yards. A perfect score would be a 900 We had three shooters all shoot a 883 out of 900 the tie was broken by "x" count. The...
  16. Gunsmith

    Anyone know of a good gunsmith to fix a Ruger 10/22 rifle? Looking for close to Boston. Thanks Dan Long Boston, MA
  17. Dumb ass at Bass Pro

    I buddy of mine was looking to buy a Ruger Blackhawk in 357 cal. He found one at Bass Pro in Foxboro and he asked the clerk " Will this also shoot 38 cal ammo?" The clerk responded with " No you shouldn't use 38 spl. in a 357 mag, the shells with rattle back and forth" Where do they find...
  18. Berreta 92D slide

    I have a Berreta 92D pistol. ( DAO) Does anyone know IF you can change the slide to turn in into a 92 FS (DA/SA) I don't like the double action only. And where would I find a complete slide ???? Thanks Dan Long Boston, MA
  19. M-1 Garand Repairs

    I have two M-1 Garands that are in need of repairs ( bolts, etc) These rifles belong to a local American Legion post and are the rifles that they use for Color guard & blank firing. They have not been taken care of and as I favor I am trying to help them put them back into shape as working &...
  20. AR 15 not holding bolt back

    Just built an AR 15 and fired it the bolt will not hold open. Even when I push in on the latch. Any idea where I went wrong when I built it? Dan
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