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  1. BCG Staking Problem

    Thanks, I hope so also.
  2. BCG Staking Problem

    Just was watching the School of the American Rifle video were he "autopsies" a Fail Zero bolt that...failed. As he is taking it apart he mentions that it has "YFS"" (?) fasteners holding the gas key on to the BCG body. Like mine. He does not favor these.
  3. Thoughts on "Kali Key" bolt action BCG?

    I guess I was just a little too subtle. IF the state said, "NO ARs for you peasant!", the rifle would still be an AR, even if modified to bolt action, and liable to be banned/confiscated, correct? It's not a permanent modification.
  4. BCG Staking Problem

    It's a business, outside of the state. Not going to name them yet. Until I find out if they will do something to correct this. Sure, I probably could do it myself, but buying something which is not properly "built" kinda frosts my chaps.
  5. Thoughts on "Kali Key" bolt action BCG?

    Even with the Kali Key installed, you still have an AR, correct?
  6. BCG Staking Problem

    Just bought an upper w/complete BCG. When I checked out the BCG, this is what I found. Hopefully the picture is clear enough to show the problem. I am planning on talking to the seller about this.
  7. Complete Loadout Explorer 9433, Hard Case

    I don't think it was meant to be a range bag. But going to a class, especially one some distance away, with possibly an overnight stay, it could be good.
  8. Complete Loadout Explorer 9433, Hard Case

    Saw this on Interesting product to pack and carry your kit.
  9. R&R Sport Shop

    Stopped there today to see if they had a few small items I needed. Still a fair amount of long guns on the racks, but the handgun cases are EMPTY! (maybe 2 dozen guns?)The only thing I saw which caught my eye was tagged as a S&W M65-1 (651?), 2" barrel, in .22 Magnum. Sported a tag that...
  10. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    How have your winters been?
  11. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    What general area would that be?
  12. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    I'm 71 and I am also contemplating a move in the near future, probably by myself. Just have one major roadblock I have to consider. I've got news for you. Californians, or other groups, are moving to all of the good states with the intent of ruining them. They did it to Washington State...
  13. SOLD SOLD!

    SOLD! NES record? 1 hr and 30 minutes from first posting to a confirmed offer which resulted in a sale the next day.
  14. Deals and steals

    What,s this "we" bit, paleface?
  15. Deals and steals

    An ad for the following monocular has popped up several times. Looks good in the ads but I "thimk" it might belong in the too-good-to-be- true category...
  16. Deals and steals

    Damn, it's back over $100. At 62$ I would have jumped on it.
  17. M1A Op Rod Problem

    Thanks. I had not thought about that, but it makes some sense.
  18. M1A Op Rod Problem

    I've had a Scout Squad for a while now and have just gotten around to doing a field strip for cleaning and lubrication. Now I've stripped down Garands and M1As before so I know the procedure. But on this one the lug on the op rod will not engage the disassembly notch on the receiver. I can...
  19. CMP Ammo Reminder

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the CMP 30-06 Creedmoor ammo?
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