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  1. Please stop reporting classified ads for "price gouging"

    Folks, please stop reporting classified ads for "price gouging". If you don't like a seller's price, don't buy from them.
  2. Mike Critser has left the range

    Mike Critser has died from congestive heart failure. Mike was an IDPA competitor and helped organize many major matches. He also volunteered with Aiming for Zero. Mike was a good man. I will always remember his ready smile and laughter. Mike has left the range.
  3. ERPO leads to a large capacity magazine charge

    Some folks on NES are rather unconcerned about owning post-ban magazines. But this is an example of someone who would otherwise not be facing any criminal charges who is now likely to be convicted of a felony punishable by at least one year and up to 10 years in prison. Full text here: Fire...
  4. Paul Harrell at his best

    This is hysterical. Watch all the way to the end. View:
  5. Glock full auto parts from China

    Illegal machine gun conversion devices smuggled into US - CNN
  6. Urgent help needed: "other dangerous weapon" and OC spray

    Folks: I urgently need help on this. It is my understanding that the phrase "other dangerous weapon" in MGL Chapter 269 Section 10j has been ruled by MA courts to include OC spray. I urgently need a legal reference on this.
  7. Stop creating “are there metal detector” threads

    Folks, stop creating “are there metal detectors at venue X” threads. The reasoning for this policy is explained here, which you should have read before posting anything on NES: Can I carry in (insert big stadium/concert venue here)? Please don't post this. If you see such a thread before we...
  8. Moon Island range test target?

    Does anyone know which target is used for the Boston PD Moon Island range test? I need to get some of those targets.
  9. Anyone else having timeouts?

    NES performance has been very slow for me tonight. Anyone else having the same problem?
  10. email from handgun rights organization

    Folks: Please don't post about the recent email from a certain handgun rights organization. If they wanted to announce that on NES, they would have. They didn't. So please don't post it again. For the third time. We are tired of deleting said posts. Remember the first rule of the Fight...
  11. DQ video

    This DQ compilation video will make you squirm: Yikes.
  12. From the "don't be a moron file"

    A fellow with an LTC used an expired constable badge, while claiming to be a State Police trooper, in order to not have to pay to park his car at the ferry terminal to Martha's Vineyard. I'm sure his...
  13. Scope suggestions for an AR-10?

    It's time to put a scope on my AR-10. My main use of it will be putting holes in paper out to 300 yards. The first scope I considered was the Vortex 2.5-10x44 Viper PST 30mm. The price is good (~$500), but I'm a bit worried about optical clarity. I get the impression it is OK, but not...
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