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  1. WTB Looking for some 50AE

    If you have any for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  2. WTB Remington 870 18" barrel

    Looking for a Remington 870 18.5" barrel, Just the barrel only, please let me know if you have one. thanks

  4. WTB Desert Eagle .50AE

    mostly looking for the Case Hardened or Chrome finish
  5. WTB Benelli M4 Shotgun

    Looking for a Benelli M4 either in standard pistol grip configuration or the collapsible stock version (I have LEO creds for legal transfer).
  6. WTS Very Rare New with Box, Unfired SIG 551A1

    I'm considering selling my brand new, never fired and extremely rare SIG 551 rifle. Very small run of these rifles was produced in 2010 by SIG USA. Comes with all original accessories, box and papers. Transfer will have to be through a local FFL near or around Middleboro MA or I can ship it...
  7. Can Police Carry Automatic Knives on duty in Mass

    Anybody know if we can carry auto knives on duty in mass? And if yes, where is it written in the law?
  8. $100 licensing fee for free speech?

    Paying $100 to invoke your 2nd amendment rights in Massachusetts in a form of a firearms license is the same as paying $100 for a license to enable your other constitutional rights. Imagine if all of a sudden Massachusetts made a law making you pay $100 for a free speech permit or a fee to...
  9. How About a Class III forum on NES

    There are plenty of MG and some suppressor owners in MA, NES should have a C3 forum. Does anyone else agree?
  10. Suppressors legal in Kansas, Why not Massachusetts

    Recently the legislators in Kansas passed a law allowing the ownership of firearms suppressors by qualified civilians. Its refreshing to actually see legislators voting pro gun once in a while. Now, a lot of gun owners here in Massachusetts complain to me that they wish they could own...
  11. Are there any Protecta Bulldog Shotguns in USA?

    I am wondering if anyone has a Protecta Bulldog shotgun in the US. The Bulldog is an improved version of the Striker 12/Cobray StreetSweeper with automatic ejection capability and no wind-up spring. I think they were at one time produced by a South African company called Reutech Defense...
  12. My Windrunner M96 .50BMG Arrived, now looking for place to shoot it.

    It finally arrived! If you never seen a Windrunner M96, This thing is pretty awesome and well worth the 5 month wait. The quality of the machining and finish is just superb. Bill at EDM arms provides the best customer service in the biz. The rifle arrived in a little briefcase size case, which...
  13. Has anyone heard about ATF Denying Suppressors in MA?

    A few of my fellow 07 manufacturer compadres have had their form 3s denied by the ATF for suprpessor transfers into Mass? Has anyone heard of this? I have a few pending and money has already been paid for them. What justification does the ATF have to do this, since suppressor ownership by 07...
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