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  1. Justice Department says it is legal for the government to kill U.S. citizens

    Sorry if it's a dupe Memo sets rationale to kill Qaida-linked citizens - Yahoo! News
  2. Newtown School Mass Shootings: Who or What is to Blame?

    Sorry if it's a dupe.
  3. Possible friendly fire in shootings on the Border [sad2] I hope this wasn't the case, shooting a buddy must be the worst. Friendly fire always sucks
  4. British fugitive shoots dead two unarmed policewomen Someday they'll learn.
  5. GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips
  6. THE NEW LOOK MEGA THREAD - all comments about the new version go here !

    Am I losing it or did the forum just drasticly change? I kept getting this warning "Warning: Division by zero in [path]/includes/functions.php(6469) : eval()'d code on line 98" So Derek, thanks for showing us what happens when some one tries to divide by zero
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