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  1. does EVERY swr meter, watt meter, and antenna analyzer suck?

    I have been looking for a tool to help me set up and experiment with antennas. Mostly for SWR to start but i figured any of the 3 can get the job done. Every tool from $30 models to $600-700 models have horrible reviews for build quality and accuracy. Im pulling my hair out after a few weeks of...
  2. Local band plans strict or flexible?

    As a new ham, i am curious about the 2 meter band plan for this area. Can a frequency set aside for a repeater be used for a simplex net if it doesn't cause issues? I noticed this while programming in a repeater and accidentally stumbling upon net control for a road race. The frequency used was...
  3. dupe

  4. Good Articles!

    These articles were sent to my by a friend. Figured I would share. I don't think I have seen any of these on NES except maybe one.
  5. Opposition to saturday?

    Some have told me to expect some anti's to be there protesting us. Have there been any rumors of this anywhere??
  6. Come show your support for a wounded Veteran!

    There is going to be a ceremony January 25th, 2012 at 1500 in the State Room at the RI State House to honor his 20 years of service and to say a BIG Thank You to his family. This man is a true American Hero and an American Patriot in every sense of the word, and a very close friend. He will be...
  7. My type 99.

    SKSRay said I should post some pics of my type 99.
  8. Nauset tomorow nov 18?

    Can anyone confirm weather or not there is a match there tomorrow? Much appreciated!!
  9. making good on a promise....

  10. Mark Craighead of Crossbreed Holsters passed away today....

    RIP Sir. [sad2]
  11. RIP Paul Gomez

    I have just heard he passed away this weekend. Wow. Can anyone confirm this?
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  13. so after my first year shooting uspsa....

    I made C ranking in USPSA limited!! My first year shooting action pistol! I am stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm very excited, just had to share. [smile]
  14. bringing a firearm from RI into MA for a class.

    I have a couple of people coming to me for a class i am doing shortly. They are from RI and a few may possibly bring firearms with them. Am i to assume that if the gun is locked up with trigger or cable locks or in a locked container, unloaded then they are OK to proceed into the people's...
  15. Colt LE6940

    I know someone who is quite interested in one of these rifles. Has anyone shot one, own one, or seen one in any shops so that i may check one out?
  16. Tips on catching a rifle bullet to examine

    I am heading to the range for a test. I don't wanna have to dig a bullet out of the dirt and wonder if it's mine. Any tips? Wood? Rubber? How do i catch a 223 bullet? Would a mini steel trap ruin the bullet? I am thinking about bringing a big chunk of wood like 6x6 or 8x8.
  17. anyone know where i can buy an AR butstock wrench on a sat morning???

    I am swapping some parts around between lowers and i forgot to order a wrench. I have no clue what gun shops around SE mass sell these or where i can get one. Does anyone know? Anyone have a spare they wanna sell? It's not an emergency if i don't find one, but it would make things a hair...
  18. AR malfunctions help *UPDATE* SUCCESS!!!!!!!

    I have been searching NES for about 2 hours looking for threads on common AR malfunctions and immediate action drills to practice because i am pretty new to AR's. Can someone point me to a trusted resource? Thanks!
  19. What can you tell me about USPSA Rifle matches and Shotgun matches?

    I have read the rulebook, and will do so a few more times, but the voices of experience usually have more to offer. I searched around a little, but everything seems to be geared towards 3 gun. I plan on shooting a mossberg 500 pump for shotty and my ar-15 for rifle. Are the stages run...
  20. What can you tell me about the non resident appeal process?

    Well, it is true. It seems they do deny everyone and make you go appeal. I'm actually looking forward to the appeal because i think my case is much better stated in person. But, i like being well prepared. I do have several real legitimate reasons for applying for the non resident ccw...
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