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  1. I REALLY thought I’d hate a Glock 45

    You can shoot my pair... I don't plan on buying another model G for quite a while. They are perfect
  2. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    I'm trying to get out of LE. You would have to do a LOT more to even get into arrest territory with me.... like Hannibal Lecter territory 🤣🤣🤣
  3. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    Yup. Send money. I don't even take coffee from people that offer on duty.
  4. how much range time do you give your EDC?

    I spend more time in mirror making sure I look cool, and practicing one liners. Bring back the 90s one liners
  5. Room clearing by professionals

    Does anyone even kneel to reload anymore? That's a recipe to get canoed
  6. Suicidal man with a knife fatally shot by Seattle police

    At least he didn't commit suicide. Great job cops
  7. Boating 2021

    The 3rd gen white phos is so good I don't need it. Buuuuuuut. I probably will
  8. Boating 2021

    We are gonna put quads on boats You're always covered bro
  9. Boating 2021

    Lol.... you won't want me and my degenerate friends in your water then lol. 'MERICA
  10. Boating 2021

    Anywhere in MA. I'm central, but I'll go anywhere. Gonna stay freshwater
  11. Boating 2021

    I saw that, but I just was looking for any NES insight on hidden gems. My town has a small lake we can go on for days I don't have a ton of time, but I know there are more out there
  12. Boating 2021

    So. I hate money and bought a boat. If they are gonna shut world down, I guess it's time to adapt and overcome. Anyone have advice on decent public ramps in Massachusetts? I haven't had a ton of luck with Google finding anything other than DCR stuff that is useless. 09 Bayliner 185 fixing...
  13. Question regarding CORI check and LTC

  14. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    Oh man.... Condolences to his friends and family here
  15. Boat question - local dealer or BPS showroom?

    I didn't go pontoon route.... but I close on a Bayliner 185 on Thursday. Guess I hate money. I did stay local with my purchase, and they have been great to deal with.
  16. UMass Memorial question

    It was over 10 years ago that I played games in that ER. It was a fun job, but the money just wasn't there.
  17. UMass Memorial question

    Umass st 55 Lake Ave is 100% no go. It's all university property. Umass Memorial on Belmont is a gray area legally, but the court had no issue with the one thug I charged.
  18. New shooter with a weird problem

    Lol... so he's basically forming the strongest part of his grip with his ring finger....? No. Just fix him
  19. UMass Memorial question

    Well.... I charged a gang banger with 269 10j, who was carrying pepper spray, there many moons ago. As far as I know, the charges stuck. I wouldn't carry there. Not saying I agree with it, just telling you what I know. On the flip side, there were many times that I stored firearms for folks...
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